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Month: August 2012

Don’t Let Mobility Keep You From Voting!

PMC  August 20, 2012    pmc  Jeff Conner

New laws passed in many states requiring voters to present valid state or federal identification are bringing back to light a subject often overlooked in the modern American political landscape: disabled voter disenfranchisement. As many as 37 states have passed or are considering voted ID legislation, which could potentially affect, amongst other groups, disabled and elderly voters disproportionately.…

Questions and Answers About Medicare Coverage of a Powerchair or Scooter

PMC  August 10, 2012    pmc  Jeff Conner

Many people are confused about whether their Medicare benefit will cover their powerchair or scooter, how they can qualify for such coverage, and what that coverage will be. In this article, we will attempt to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this issue with clear, no-nonsense answers.…