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Month: December 2015


PMC  December 30, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

A sling is an item that, when used in conjunction with a mechanical lift, helps to facilitate the transfer of an individual who is mobility-challenged. A sling is comprised of a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric that is placed under and around its user, and then attached by hooks, clips, straps, chains, or loops to the appropriate part of the lift mechanism in order to raise, move, and/or lower the person in it.…

Making Your Multi-Story Home More Accessible

PMC  December 11, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

Seniors or individuals with mobility challenges may find living in a multi-story home difficult. Getting up and down stairs can be impossible for some, while potentially dangerous for others. And moving to a one story house or a senior living facility may not be an option for a variety of reasons.…

Driving Adaptations

PMC  December 1, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

In this day and age, travelingby automobile is virtually a necessity for the majority of American adults. Most of us use our cars daily to commute to and from work, to go shopping and complete other chores, to chauffeur our children to their activities, to visit our friends and family members, or merely to get away for relaxation or vacation.…