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Month: March 2019

Deciding between manual or electric wheelchairs

PMC  March 19, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Deciding between manual or electric wheelchairs comes down to a few basic criteria: physical needs, lifestyle, and budget. Many consumers utilize the lowest restrictive level of care when it comes to mobility aids, that is, use a manual wheelchair until their condition no longer allows, so the decision is subject to change over time.

Strategies, such as Parkour Training May Help to Reduce the Risk of a Dangerous Fall

PMC  March 12, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Want to reduce the risk of a dangerous fall? Seniors are encouraged to take strides and steps to maintain balance and flexibility throughout the life cycle with strategies like Parkour Training, yoga, and practicing falling. These attempts may make falls less frequent and less injurious, contributing to a more positive quality of life.

Understand the Stair Lift Rail System Before You Purchase

PMC  March 5, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Many seniors may be slightly intimidated by the prospect of installing a stair lift system in their home simply due to the unfamiliarity and technological aspect of the system. Understand the stairlift rail system before you purchase by asking your vendor to explain and demonstrate the unit; this will also point toward the best vendor in your region to invest your time and money with.