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Month: July 2019

Maintaining your outdoor stairlift for years of enjoyment

PMC  July 30, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

A stairlift is an investment that can change the way that you live your life, but you need to take care and maintain it. There are only a few basic tips offered for maintaining your outdoor stairlift for years of enjoyment and performance, but they are prudent and practical ones.

Mobility Aids to Make Using your Pool Easier this Summer

PMC  July 23, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

If you enjoy swimming yet struggle with mobility issues, know that there are a number of mobility aids that make using your pool easier in summer. These items are widely found through mobility vendors and dealers, and many have purposes beyond a simple swim; these devices can also improve autonomy and facilitate aging in place, which contribute to overall quality of life.

Your Stairlift’s Royal Connection: A Brief History

PMC  July 16, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

There is something regal, almost royal, about a high-quality stairlift, but did you know that there is actually a royal connection? The roots of these life-altering mobility aids runs deep and has its earliest models around the 1500s, with King Henry VIII.

Should you replace or repair your mobility equipment?

PMC  July 9, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

If you rely on mobility aids or devices for accessibility and everyday living, there may come a time when you ponder the following question: Should you replace or repair your mobility equipment? There are many situations and times that merit consideration of new, updated aids, but there may also be times when a repair or malfunction is a simple fix.

Try these Tips when Traveling with a Disability 

PMC  July 2, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

A physical limitation, mobility issue, or disability is no reason to stay home- travel! However, be prepared for complications that may arise when it comes to accessibility and convenience. Try these tips when traveling with any sort of disability, but most particularly when it comes to your mobility.