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Month: October 2019

Type and Location make all the difference when installing grab bars

PMC  October 29, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Grab bars are a simple solution to preventing falls and increase mobility but know that the type and location make all the difference when installing these aids. Talk to mobility vendors and retailers to learn more about the top spots to install grab bars, as well as the types and styles of grab bars that make the most sense for you and your home environment.

Still on the Fence about Getting a Stairlift? 5 Good Reasons to Move Forward

PMC  October 22, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Consumers that are still on the fence about getting a stairlift may need reminding of at least five good and sensible reasons to move forward and invest. Lifts have longevity- and as long as you purchase from a reputable mobility dealer in the area, you can expect it to be a prudent and practical investment that holds its value, provides accessibility, and improves lives.

Inspired Ways to Celebrate International Day of Older Persons 

PMC  October 15, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

October 1st marks the observance of International Day of Older Persons, which is the perfect time to reach out and give to a senior that you know or care for. Since freedom and autonomy impact quality of life, consider mobility aids and solutions for those struggling with physical limitations or disabilities.

How Impaired Mobility Impacts Mental Health 

PMC  October 8, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Impairments in mobility have a direct and significant impact on mental health and wellbeing. In fact, issues surrounding mobility and autonomy for seniors can play a role in life quality and longevity. Consider this during Mental Health Awareness Month in May; reflect, learn, and share insights and information that may help those struggling with mental health decline.

Mobility Aids May Improve the Outcome After Critical Care 

PMC  October 1, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Mobility aids may improve outcomes following critical care for illness or injury, as they may provide the level of therapeutic support and rehabilitative stability that makes mobility feasible. Getting up is vital to recovery; mobility aids may help particularly when it comes to aging in place.