aging Accessibility Lifts Aren’t Just About Stairs

Accessibility Lifts Aren’t Just About Stairs

PMC  August 1, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner of Pacific Mobility

Accessibility lifts aren’t just about stairs, but about access and autonomy for those with mobility issues. Pacific Mobility aims to increase access and improve daily life.

When consumers think of increasing access for those with mobility issues, they may only think of stair-lifts; there are many different types of accessibility lifts that can improve quality of life while also providing a measure of safety for both consumers and caregivers. Both inside and out, Pacific Mobility offers high-quality, contemporary mobility devices and lifts that change lives and preserve independence.

Accessibility lifts aren’t just about stairs:

Lifts can make any area of the home or landscaping accessible to chairs, scooters, and walkers from the garden and pool, to the bath and car. Furthermore, lifts provide a safe, stable transport from one point to another, without the potential injury and strain that individuals and their caregivers may experience when not using a lift. Think of the increase in access provided by mobility devices as an investment in autonomy- and no price can be put on that!


While accessibility extends to far more than stairs and steps, it merits mention how stair-lifts enhance access and improve life for many living with mobility issues. From being able to access upper or lower-levels of the home to traversing a backyard garden or patio, stair-lifts provide a convenient way for consumers to avoid debilitating falls and subsequent injuries when enjoying the many areas of their home. Choose from a range of seats, features, and remote-options to find the stair-lift that is best-suited to your space, dwelling, or living situation. Worried about installation? Don’t be; professional assistance is available and these lifts are designed to be cohesive parts of your home’s design, which won’t detract from overall curb appeal.


Caregivers have a lot of responsibility, and the last thing you want to occur is an injury related to a lift or transport. Ceiling-lifts make the process of ADLs (activities of daily living) far easier, eliminating the risk of injury to both consumers and their caregivers exponentially. Getting out of bed, chairs, or for medical evaluations, ceiling-lifts gently raise the consumer or patient. Depending on your physical limitations, these may be used in the bedroom, bath, or living area, and can be used in conjunction with other accessibility products and devices.


To enjoy outdoor spaces, porch-lifts are a prudent solution. These lifts are basically vertical platform lifts that accommodate wheelchairs in and out of the home. These mobility devices garner their name from being used to raise chairs relatively short heights to access porches, decks, and patios around the home or property. These can be easily operated by the user, and expand access for those in chairs to include exterior areas that may have previously been impossible to traverse and visit. These devices typically take-up less space than an accessibility ramp and could be compared to an outdoor elevator, of sorts. When installing these features, know that there will also need to be a clear path to the cement pad that is home for the lift, which may require additional construction and costs.


There is a certain type of freedom that comes from driving, and if you have mobility issues, this could be something that you often miss. Hence, vehicle-lifts can put you back in the driver’s seat, whether you use a chair, scooter, or walker, and make getting in and out of your car or truck a breeze!

These are also adaptable for transporting others with mobility issues easily. Talk with mobility experts to find the best option for your specific make, model, and vehicle.

Shower and pool-lifts

It is estimated that over 235,000 people fall and are injured in bathrooms each year, and one-third of these instances occur when showering. Water brings the inherent risk of creating a slippery-surface that can become quite dangerous for anyone who is prone to falls, has physical limitations, or mobility issues. When you consider that every 11-seconds, some senior slips, falls, and is treated by medical professionals in the US, it seems integral to do everything possible to prevent fall-risks around the home, including the bathroom.

Pool-lifts make it for viable for consumers to enjoy aquatic-therapy and swim routinely, which can enhance daily living while also providing numerous therapeutic health benefits. Pool-lifts are the safest, most-supportive way to transport in and out of a pool, circumventing a typically-tricky and potentially-dangerous situation. Furthermore, who doesn’t enjoy a nice dip in the pool?

Pacific Mobility Solutions can help

It is estimated that one-in-five people live with a disability in the US, with many facing the challenges of physical disabilities and mobility issues. This significant statistic demonstrates how accessibility lifts can be an integral part of everyday life and prudent investment for overall well-being and autonomy. Create a convenient, comfortable home for anyone living with mobility issues and talk with Pacific Mobility to assess needs and find the perfect solutions for your distinct situation.  Enjoy the ease, access, and independence that the right mobility aids can provide in your home or property!