aging Accessories Can Make Simple Tasks Easier

Accessories Can Make Simple Tasks Easier

PMC  November 28, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Give the gift of accessibility with accessories for your senior living with a mobility issue. Accessories can make simple tasks easier and increase independence for many.

Sometimes the little gifts and gestures mean the most- particularly when it comes to holiday gift-giving solutions for seniors. Anyone who has a physical limitation or mobility issue will appreciate and enjoy the increased access that small things like a basket for a wheelchair, reacher for kitchen cabinets, or a leg-lifter for independent dressing, can provide.  Before hitting the mall and buying that same sweater for someone you love, consider how a gift from Pacific Mobility Center will assist your loved one and potentially improve their overall quality of life.

Accessories can make simple tasks easier: 

Whether your loved one relies on a wheelchair, scooter, walker, or if they ambulate independently, some clever conceptions and useful accessories are available to help your loved one with mobility issues. Some great gift ideas include these suggestions:

  • Baskets

Consider buying someone who uses a wheelchair or scooter a well-made and utilitarian basket that adapts to their mobility aid, and that will allow them the freedom of carrying their belongings, goods, or items from one place to another with ease. Look for styles that snap or Velcro to the frame of their aid, but that doesn’t interfere with the performance. This is one of the reasons why it is most prudent to buy these items from a certified mobility aid dealer, who has insight into the style, size, and specifications of these devices which may impact your buying decision.

  • Bags

Another gift that will keep on giving and providing utility to your loved one is a bag that is designed to augment a walker. These typically resemble a pouch, of sorts, with compartments and enclosures for any smaller, personal items. Choose bags with the option of monogramming, embellishing, or personalizing for a special, holiday touch.

  • Grabbers and reachers

Grabbers and reachers can help provide access to cabinets, cupboards, and shelves that may have posed risks and challenges previously. These are items that any senior can use, and that could improve the flow and function of their home during everyday activities. These are widely available and found in a gamut of styles and sizes, so check out your options carefully before buying. Also, make sure to only invest in high-quality devices to prevent accidents, injuries, and damage later.

  • Leg-lifters

Sometimes, a little help can go a long way in maintaining autonomy and living an independent lifestyle. For example, a leg lifter can help the user with dressing, bathing, grooming, and overall mobility around the home. These provide a means of getting leverage when lifting a leg or bending over so that putting on shoes- for instance- is no longer an obstacle to autonomy.

Give the gift that keeps on giving

Give the gift of safety this season with handy accessories, and rest easy knowing that you have provided a bit more convenience and accessibility to someone that you love. Consider other options such as door openers, canes, hand-rails, and bathing benches to provide a little bit of ease to someone who has physical limitations or challenges.

Are assistive accessories not enough?  

While these aids and devices are helpful and user-friendly, does your loved one need something more assistive? Talk with reputable mobility aid vendors to find additional solutions that will increase the access and improve life for your senior.

Check out how lifts can make life easier:

  • Stair lifts. Stair lifts are life-changing devices that increase access to a second level of the home for those that have difficulty with steps and stairs. Make sure to only buy from certified vendors that offer professional installation for optimal satisfaction and maximum utility.
  • Ceiling lifts. Ceiling lifts make life easier and safer for those you love, as well as those that you trust to provide care and assistance for the senior. These typically help elevate the individual for transports, hygiene, or wound-care, without running the risk of injuring either the patient or the caregiver.
  • Vehicle lifts. Vehicle lifts make driving a reality for those that may struggle due to mobility aids. These not only help the user get into the driver’s seat, but they also allow the motorist to safely stow their chair, scooter, or walker during the transport.
  • Porch lifts. A porch lift can make rises, steps, porches, and patios more accessible and less of a fall-risk for those that live with mobility issues. Inside and out, a porch lift can make life a lot more convenient for seniors that choose independent living.
  • Pool lifts. Feel like taking a swim? Make the most of a pool with a pool lift. This gently raises and lowers the user into the water, safely and securely, to facilitate and help them enjoy their pool more fully.

Talk with the experts about increasing access and convenience

Visit or talk with the professionals at Pacific Mobility Center to find the perfect holiday gifts for someone living with a mobility issue. Give a senior something under the tree this year that has the potential of changing their life for the better!

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