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Automatic Door Openers

PMC  January 5, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

When it comes to wheel chair accessibility, something as simple as operating a door can prove to be an obstacle. Automatic door opener systems can provide independent wheelchair access for homes and public places. Indeed, for anyone with limited mobility, due to age or physical disability, an automatic door opener can make life a lot more manageable.

Away from home, automatic doors allow businesses to welcome everyone entering and exiting, regardless of their physical capabilities. Also, the Americans with Disabilities Act mandated that public places install automatic doors in order to provide access to those with mobility challenges.

The main difference between a commercial handicap door opener and a residential automatic door opener is size and functionality. A personal use opener is usually smaller and lighter in construction; automatic door openers in public applications need to stand up to a lot more use and are designed to be a lot more durable. In both applications, however, these openers are either installed on the door itself or on the jamb above the door.

When correctly installed in the home, a residential door opener turns most swinging doors into an automatic door that can be controlled by the push of a button on a wall switch, a coded key pad, or a hand held transmitter similar to a garage door remote control unit. In addition, automatic door opener devices can be customized to meet specific needs.

For example, the actuator, or on-off switch, can be installed in a variety of places for easy access. Automatic door openers allow adjustable hold-open time, and usually come with an auto-close feature. Neither the door nor the door jamb needs to be modified in order to install an automatic door opener, and they will fit in most rooms, regardless of the type and size of the room or door.

The main drawback of an automatic door is that, because it runs on electricity, if the power goes out, or if the batteries on the remote switch wear down, the automatic door becomes a manual door, again. Also, some openers require set-up which involves working with electrical wires, so a professional may need to be hired for their installation. However, these slight disadvantages are easy to address.

The good news is that automatic door openers are a great tool for creating a more independent lifestyle. For more information and expert advice, contact the pros at Pacific Mobility. We are here to assist you in the purchase, installation, and maintenance of your automatic door opener.

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