aging How Auto Hand Controls Can Improve Safety and Mobility

How Auto Hand Controls Can Improve Safety and Mobility

PMC  July 10, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

When it comes to mobility aids and devices, you have a lot of questions. How can you enhance access and ensure comfort? Take a look at how auto hand controls can improve safety and mobility, and how to integrate these aids into your own lifestyle.

If you or someone you love relies on mobility devices and equipment, make sure that it is as safe as it can be with features like auto hand controls. When investing in these aids and devices, consider current but also future needs. Is there a chance of regaining mobility? Could your limitations increase over-time? The future can be uncertain but features that enhance and improve accessibility and daily convenience are a prudent investment in your overall health and well being now and later on.

Take a look at how auto hand controls can improve safety and mobility for yourself:

When it comes to lifts and mobility aids, automatic hand controls can make all the difference. For instance, auto hand controls in a vehicle can make driving a reality for individuals with physical limitations or disabilities. This same feature is found in other equipment, like scooters, wheelchairs, and lifts, both free-standing and fixed models. Think about it: automatic controls not only increase utility for the user, but also can make life easier, safer, and less-rigorous for caregivers, too. Features like these increase safety and lower the risk of an incident or injury.

Got questions?

The best way to determine if auto hand controls – and other safety features – make sense for you is to visit mobility experts for a needs assessment. This will provide the opportunity to view, discuss, and try equipment, aids, and devices for yourself. This is why it makes the most sense to buy from brick-and-mortar businesses in your region to find the perfect pairing of function and comfort, that enhances your own accessibility. Furthermore, mobility professionals can address and answer questions that you may have regarding specific features, hand control options:

Concerned about comfort? 

Comfort is key when buying mobility aids and equipment; make sure that it is not only feasible to use, but comfortable as well. Auto hand controls provide an option that can take the strain off the user, and that can make movements and utility more precise. This reinforces the need to try-out and visit mobility aid dealers in your area. Ask about additional features, like soft-grips and ergonomic friendly solutions.

Some ways that hand controls incorporate comfort into driving are:

  • Acceleration and brake-use by hand.
  • Mechanical linkage from the brake and accelerator to the driver’s seat.
  • Left foot gas and quick-release braking system.
  • Custom and standard handles to ‘push’ or ‘pull’ brake.

Ask your mobility aid vendor about these varied options.

Do you need auto hand controls? 

If you rely on a lift, such as for your vehicle, auto hand controls make the difference. These allow for easy operation of your car or truck, while also providing stowing options that may otherwise be impractical, even impossible. To enhance driving with auto hand control options, it may be necessary to acquire driving rehab instruction before investing in adaptive devices that facilitate the operation of a motor vehicle.

Wondering about installation and service?

Whether you need a hand control to operate the brake of your vehicle, or if you require the push-pull action to drive safely, hand controls are integral. Mobility experts will be able to demonstrate the correct use of hand controls, and reputable dealers in the region offer full installation and service for these adaptive aids. They can evaluate your distinct vehicle and assess the compatibility while troubleshooting any areas of concern for the consumer.

Perhaps the most important question is: what are you waiting for?

Call and make an appointment for a thorough needs-assessment at mobility experts near you. This will help reveal the most prudent and pragmatic solutions for your home and lifestyle. Shop with qualified merchants that offer sales, service, and support, as well as professional installation to ensure satisfaction later-on. While second-hand equipment may seem like a cost-effective approach, unless it is sold and guaranteed by a mobility company, it could be borrowing trouble. Buy from the best and expect the highest level of quality, support, and service; check online reviews and feedback to garner overall customer satisfaction.

Don’t wait; contact the experts to discuss mobility aids and safety features, like hand controls, today. Convenience, comfort, access, and choices await you with convenient auto hand controls to make lifts and equipment easier to manage- which makes life better all the way around. Protect and preserve your autonomy and freedom with features, including auto control options; after all, don’t you and your loved ones deserve it? Talk to the professionals and begin living your best life today.