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The Five Things That Make the Most Impact for Accessibility

PMC  August 8, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Pacific Mobility offers suggestions for five things that make the most impact for accessibility: technology, versatility, quality, availability, and societal stigma.

When you think of accessibility, you likely think about things like ramps and stair-lifts. While this is, in fact, how many with mobility issues live each day, there are some other factors that make a significant impact on a more accessible world.…

Accessibility Lifts Aren’t Just About Stairs

PMC  August 1, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Accessibility lifts aren’t just about stairs, but about access and autonomy for those with mobility issues. Pacific Mobility aims to increase access and improve daily life.

When consumers think of increasing access for those with mobility issues, they may only think of stair-lifts; there are many different types of accessibility lifts that can improve quality of life while also providing a measure of safety for both consumers and caregivers.…

Mobility Centers Empower Seniors to Age in Place

PMC  July 25, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Mobility Centers Empower Seniors to Age in Place with adaptive equipment and devices that provide what the consumer needs today, at this stage, such as home and vehicle lifts.


Aging in place refers to meeting the senior where they are at, both physically and mentally.…

July is Wheelchair Beautification Month

PMC  July 11, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

July is ‘Wheelchair Beautification Month’, so celebrate! Decorate wheelchairs and walkers, add useful accents, and enhance safety for those with mobility issues.


Good deeds have a way of coming back two-fold, so do something positive for someone else. Improve and enhance the life of a person in a wheelchair during “Wheelchair Beautification Month” this July.…

Exploring mobility solutions for those with physical disabilities

PMC  June 13, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Technology has become such a large part of the puzzle when it comes to modern mobility solutions for those with physical disabilities, including vehicle enhancements, stair lifts, patient lifts, ramps, and much more.

Technology has changed the way that those with limitations navigate the world around them, benefiting young and old alike with innovative mobility solutions to cope with physical disabilities.…

Technological Innovations in Accessibility

PMC  May 1, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

A disability is any physical, sensory, or cognitive impairment that makes daily activities more difficult. Many people are born with a disability. Others acquire a disability later in life, from an accident, an illness, or the aging process. Many older individuals are diagnosed with chronic conditions that lead to functional or cognitive disabilities.…

Enjoying San Diego’s Regional Attractions in a Scooter or Powerchair

PMC  April 1, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

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While Southern California’s climate makes year-round tourism easy for visitors, the challenges faced by those with disabilities are not often address in the travel forums. Whether you are a local of Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire, or even of San Diego, the list of wondrous places to visit in this city are well worth the time to figure out the accessibility options.…