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Have you seen the incredibly versatile Shower Buddy?

PMC  February 12, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Preserve your own autonomy in the bathroom with ShowerBuddy, an ergonomically designed system to aid in transfers during ADLs. Some benefits of this system include prevention of injuries, immediate utility, and ease. For additional advantages, consider TubBuddy, too.

For seniors and caregivers out west, Pacific Mobility Center provides the latest and most-innovative of mobility aids, including the amazing ShowerBuddy.…

Taking Charge of Your Own Independence

PMC  February 5, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

 Taking charge of your own independence gives a sense of self that is liberating. Consider what it takes to be autonomous like an accessible home environment and communicating openly with others to express your needs and regain control over your own health and happiness.

Will a stairlift restrict normal access? How to make sure it doesn’t

PMC  January 29, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Worried about the impact of your stairlift on the rest of the household? Put your mind at ease, stairlifts are designed to be unobtrusive and as safe as possible. Homes with children, pets, and shared stairways are no problem and should not be a deterrent when making your buying decision.

Smart alternatives to a walk-in tub 

PMC  January 22, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Bathing is an activity of daily living that many seniors living with disabilities may struggle with. Some may find that their current bathroom is inadequate and doesn’t meet their needs, yet a walk in tub may not fit their budget. There are smart alternatives and bathing aids that can preserve autonomy and independence.

5 Tips to Help Improve Your Quality of Life

PMC  January 15, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

If you are looking at ways that will significantly improve overall life quality and satisfaction, it starts with self-reflection. Five tips to improve your quality of life relate to autonomy, social engagement, health, mood, and finding your sense of purpose.

If you were to ask any senior what the most important aspect of aging is, they will likely say something that relates to quality of life.…

Use Your Stairs Again, Install a Stairlift

PMC  January 8, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Have you missed the second story of your home? What about access to your garden or outdoor spaces? Use your stairs again; install a stairlift in or around your home. Stairlifts can increase access and improve autonomy of anyone with physical limitations, which directly impacts overall quality of everyday life.

The Benefits of Taking a Bath and How to do so Safely

PMC  January 1, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

There are so many benefits of taking a bath, and how to do so safely remains an issue to be concerned with particularly for seniors or those with physical limitations. In addition to improved breathing, reduced pain, lower anxiety, and increased activity, bathing in a warm bath simply feels good and provides a sense of freedom.

Small Items Make A Big Impact And Great Holiday Gifts As Well

PMC  December 11, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Maybe a stairlift or a new wheelchair is not in your buying-budget, but when shopping for loved ones that have physical limitations or mobility issues, small items make a big impact and great holiday gifts, as well. From step-stools and slippers to grab-bars and magnifiers, simple gifts like these can improve the overall quality of life each and every day.

Should You Purchase Your Mobility Aids Online?

PMC  December 4, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds but, should you purchase mobility aids online? The risks are great when it comes to buying these products from vendors that may not provide the service and support after the sale that is key in customer satisfaction with lifts, chairs, and other mobility aids.

Mobility and Environment: How We Help You Fit the Pieces Together

PMC  November 20, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Everyone’s challenges and obstacles are different; choose mobility retailers that care to customize and invent innovative solutions for those they serve. There is a direct correlation between mobility and environment: let us show you how we help you fit the pieces together.