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Can You Really Trust Online Reviews?

PMC  October 31, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Most people read and refer to online reviews, but can you really trust online reviews? The key is to tease-out which ones to trust from those that are bogus using a few simple tips.

Buying mobility devices is a big decision, so it makes sense to go online and do a little homework regarding customer experiences and satisfaction.…

Making Bathrooms Safe for Seniors

PMC  August 1, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

shower chair

We like to think that our bathrooms are safe and private places – places where accidents don’t generally happen. But it doesn’t take a lot for a bathroom to become a dangerous place for a frail or elderly senior. According to a recent study from the U.S.…

Medicare Coverage for Mobility Equipment, Explained

PMC  October 15, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

One of the first questions many folks ask when they are facing mobility issues is how they will pay for the mobility equipment they need. For most, Medicare is the first place they look for coverage. However, when it comes to Medicare benefits, questions abound.…

Deciding if Your Mobility Issues Warrant Leaving Your Home

PMC  September 15, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

When a person first develops mobility issues, they and their family are often faced with a tough decision. Should they remain in their own home or move into an assisted-care facility? Unless the person with mobility issues already lives in a house equipped with mobility aides, to stay in their own home, it must be properly equipped for their safety.…

Using Your Bruno Stairlift Safely

PMC  October 3, 2013    pmc  Jeff Conner

stairlift1Stairlifts are devices that allow a mobility-challenged person to safely ascend or descend the stairs. The user sits in a chair that is attached to a carriage that runs along a track installed on the side of the stairs. The carriage is powered up and down along the run of the stairs through the use of an electric motor.…

Choosing the Right Cane and Using it Correctly

PMC  December 28, 2012    pmc  Jeff Conner

There are many different varieties of canes. They come in many different shapes and styles, are made of different materials, and can range widely in price. While some choices when it comes to cane style are merely a matter of personal preference, some options can affect your health and safety.…

Portable Wheelchair Ramps – How to Use

PMC  July 11, 2011    pmc  Jeff Conner

Portable ramps are manufactured and designed to be affordable and dependable in a variety of situations. They are strong as well as being easily storable and transportable. Many models of ramps are made to easily fold up and fit in the back of the van or the trunk.…

Charging Your Mobility Equipment’s Batteries

PMC  January 20, 2011    pmc  Jeff Conner

Many folks ask how much and when should I charge my equipment’s batteries. Read on and learn the proper way to keep your equipment in tip top running condition:

How often should I charge?

Daily Users:
Charge daily. This applies to anyone who actually uses his or her equipment outside of the home.…