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Swimming Pool Lifts

PMC  November 10, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

pool lift

Swimming is great exercise as well a great way to relax. And spending time in a swimming pool can be very therapeutic for most people. However, for individuals with certain disabilities or mobility challenges, getting in and out of a pool can be very difficult, or even impossible without some type of aid.…

Hand Rail Systems Can Make the Home More Safe

PMC  October 19, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

grab rail

While many seniors prefer to live in their homes for as long as possible, most homes are not designed for maximum safety. As people age, their balance, stability and muscle strength tend to wane. This diminishing vitality, coupled with a concomitant decrease in visual acuity, is the cause of many home accidents.…

Knee Walker vs. Crutches – Pros and Cons

PMC  September 30, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

Knee Walker

If you had to choose between using a knee walker versus using crutches after recovering from a broken ankle, foot surgery, or any other operation or injury, you might wish you had the option to choose neither. After all, any assistive mobility device is going to be something that you’re going to have to learn to control and maneuver, not to mention drag around.…

Staying in the Home You Love vs. Moving to Assisted Living

PMC  September 18, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner


Most seniors, if given the choice, would choose to remain in their own home for as long as possible rather than move to an assisted living facility. In fact, one study puts the number as high as 90 percent. This is not a mystery.…

Different Types of Stair Lifts and Their Benefits

PMC  June 24, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner


For mobility challenged individuals who need a way to go up and down a flight of stairs in their homes, there are several different types of stair lifts available. The most recognizable type is the straight stair lift that attaches to the stair treads by way of a straight rail on which a chair can glide up and down.…

Ramping vs. Porchlift

PMC  June 10, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

If you need to facilitate wheelchair or handicap access to a home or structure that has a raised foundation, and stairs are not a viable option, essentially, you have two other choices: you can install either a ramp or a porch lift.                                                                                                  …

Medicare Coverage for Mobility Equipment, Explained

PMC  October 15, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

One of the first questions many folks ask when they are facing mobility issues is how they will pay for the mobility equipment they need. For most, Medicare is the first place they look for coverage. However, when it comes to Medicare benefits, questions abound.…

5 Must-Have Mobility Products for San Diego Summers

PMC  July 14, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

Summer is here in full force. It’s a great time of year to get outside, be active, and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, many who struggle with mobility allow these challenges to prevent them from enjoying summer the way it was meant to be enjoyed.…

Motorized Mobility: Scooter or Powerchair?

PMC  April 17, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

Mobility trouble can be extremely challenging. Many times, those with mobility issues often not only have trouble walking, but also have trouble pushing themselves in a wheelchair. In these cases, a motorized transport such as a scooter or powerchair is often the best solution.…