aging How Our Certifications Give You Peace of Mind

How Our Certifications Give You Peace of Mind

PMC  February 6, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Seniors and those with physical disabilities can buy mobility aids with confidence, knowing how our certifications give you peace of mind, service, and support throughout your recovery, rehabilitation, and journey.

Making the decision to buy mobility devices is a significant event that can have life-changing impacts. You want the transition to be smooth and enhance convenience- not deter or impede the user. This is why it is integral to only buy from reliable and reputable vendors that offer a guarantee of satisfaction, professional installation, and service after the sale. Look for merchants and distributors that have been certified by state and federal organizations as being a qualified, professional, and consumer-friendly source of accessibility devices.

How our certifications give you peace of mind:

Don’t buy used equipment or patronize vendors that are not licensed and experienced in mobility aids; the repercussions can include property damage, personal injury, and overall dissatisfaction with your investment. Also, don’t allow uncertified or unqualified people repair or augment your mobility devices; this should only be done by a professional. Ask any prospective vendors or technicians for their certifications before making buying decisions and preserve convenience and maintain safety by only making purchases from highly- qualified merchants.

Some of our specific certifications include:

Certified Environmental Access Consultant

Professionals that offer living solutions, mobility devices, and services can apply for certification to become a Certified Environmental Access Consultant (CEAC). This credential is a recognized certification with a mission to help consumers be more independent and allow them the opportunity to age-in-place.  This certification should demonstrate to potential patrons that the company supports autonomy and will provide service to the consumer. This group aims to look at holistic aspects of living and all of the things that contribute to overall life quality; for seniors, this can restore independence and- in turn- build confidence and purpose. It is these elements of everyday living that contribute to overall life satisfaction and personal fulfillment, particularly among the aging demographic.

Home Access Professionals

Home Access Professionals (HAP) is a highly credentialed and experienced network providing of members that create life-changing refurbishments for those with physical disabilities. This group only permits membership for highly-skilled accessibility contractors and vendors, which then assess and customize accessibility features for the population that they serve. This is a highly-esteemed group that displays the members’ commitment to the needs of the consumer- and that shows empathy in the work that they do and the lives that they change routinely.

Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry

The Association of Members of the Accessibility Equipment Industry (AEMA) is a non-profit organization that has met the needs of mobility device manufacturers, vendors, and consumers since 1990. Membership to this exclusive group requires application, a vote, and approval- before becoming a vested member with voting rights and equal input into the group’s activities. Membership demonstrates an awareness and insight into the needs of the population requiring assistance with mobility and/or access.

California State Licensing Board

For consumers in California, the California State License Board and the Contractors State License Board are also credentials worth paying attention to. Qualification for this prestigious organization provide an assurance of reputation, that can protect buyers with regulations made to the construction industry. The goal of this certification is to promote safety, health, and the best interests of the public when it comes to home remodels and accessibility augments. Pacific Mobility has earned this certification, operating under license #744414. Buy your mobility aids and devices from this local vendor, who also promises customers with service, professional installation, and support when you use your new equipment. Furthermore, their thorough assessment of needs at initial contact makes it easy to find the right devices for your distinct situation and home.

Credentials for those with the mission of supporting seniors and those with disabilities live independently should include CAPS certification. CAPS is comprised of professionals that have insight and expertise into the aging process, and these members have been deemed to be Aging-in-place specialists. This can parlay fears and set-aside worry for those consumers that live in their own homes or that are trying to preserve as much independence as possible, despite a physical limitation or disability. The bottom-line is that CAPS certified vendors will look out for your interest and support your wishes to remain in your own home, which can be very reassuring.

Investing in mobility aids is a turning-point in the lives of those with physical limitations or disabilities. Ensure the process is a pleasant and positive one by only purchasing equipment from certified, qualified professionals. Talk with our experts and let us assess your needs to find the perfect options for you, your living situation, and lifestyle- and to gain peace of mind that you will receive the service and support that you deserve.