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Comparing Stair Lift Manufacturers, The Differences May Surprise You

PMC  December 19, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner



When comparing stair lift manufacturers, the differences may surprise you. Consumers should seek reputable brands that are highly rated by buyers, while only shopping with vendors that demonstrate customer satisfaction and service after the sale.

When you think of mobility devices, stair lifts likely come to mind. A stair lift can maintain the autonomy of the user, while increasing access to second stories and upper-levels of the home and workplace. Before you spend money on what seems to be a prudent investment, make sure that you are aware of your options and that you are buying a brand that will last and serve for years to come.

Thinking of buying a new stair lift? It is a wise way to enhance safety and reduce risks:

If you want to increase and enhance accessibility around your home or workplace, a stair lift is an effective strategy. Falls present a serious risk to seniors, according to the National Safety Council and lifts can contribute to decreasing these hazards and preserving independence.

Some things that you may not realize about this danger include:

  • Falls make up around 70% of accidental deaths among seniors.
  • The majority of unintentional injury among seniors is due to a fall.
  • Around 30k seniors are injured in a fall every week, and approximately 250 of these result in death.
  • A hip fracture is considered to be the most prevalent injury resulting from a fall, and one-in-four suffering this injury die within one year.
  • Over 20% of seniors that experience a fall will sustain debilitating injuries that compromise quality of life.

Compare stair lift manufacturers; the differences may surprise you: 

When looking for a stair lift, it may seem that any will be an improvement when installed in the home. Make sure to only buy reputable, quality equipment from companies that stand behind their product, and who will provide professional installation and service after the sale. Among the names that consumers rate highest are some that can be found widely, and that may offer just what you need to improve access in your space.

Consider some of the highest-rated stair lifts among American consumers before making your buying decision:

  • Bruno

When shopping for a stair lift, seek out an ISO certified manufacturer with a wide range of mobility options- like Bruno. Bruno stair lifts have been revolutionary in their approach to assisting mobility-challenged consumers lead full and busy lives. Bruno is lauded for their state-of-the-art technological features, such as their patented swivel and signature seating. Furthermore, Bruno offers cost-effective solutions that will provide peace of mind and improve quality of life for consumers widely.

  • Acorn

Customers that buy an Acorn stair lift often are taken by the company’s global presence and family-oriented mission. Acorn manufacturers, sells, and services stair lifts, which makes it a great option when looking for a device that will last and last. Acorn is also distinguished by their creative and innovative approaches, including clever design styles to suit the masses. Acorn stair lifts often features direct-current battery operation, smart technology, and their own ‘FastTrack’ system.

  • Ameriglide

Another well-known and reputable stair lift manufacturer is Ameriglide. Ameriglide is primarily found in North America, and this company offers personalized measuring and professional installation. Don’t want to wait for an installation appointment? Ameriglide is one of the few manufacturers who encourage a do-it-yourself approach for consumers who want to trim costs. Servicing and repair options are available upon request.

  • Stannah

If you want a fully-customizable stair lift, you may want to look closer at Stannah. Stannah has been helping consumers gain and increase independence for years, and a comprehensive assessment is available for interested buyers at no-charge. You can also gain more information about a Stannah stair lift at one of the over 200 Stannah dealers across the US.

  • Up-Down Stair Lift Company

While Up-Down Stair Lift Company is not a manufacturer, they are considered to be a provider of quality accessibility equipment in the US. Up-Down Stair Lift brings some major well-known brands to clients across the country and provide service and installation arrangements for those that may find it difficult to access these provisions in their geographic locale.

  • Pacific Mobility

Pacific Mobility has been providing consumers with quality stair lifts for over 60 years. Their trained team of professionals will assist potential buyers from assessment to installation, providing service and support long-after the sale. The mission of bringing accessibility products and high-quality home care has enhanced the everyday life of each individual that uses one of this company’s lifts, including the highly-rated Bruno.  Pacific Mobility is touted for their follow-up and personal attention, which has gained them positive reviews and critical acclaim.

When you are looking at mobility aids, know that you have many options. Don’t ever compromise quality and customer service when looking at costs of enhancing accessibility around your home or workspace. Consider these reputable manufacturers and providers before making your final buying decision.