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Finding a Mobility Retailer you Can Trust

PMC  September 3, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Do you know how to find a mobility retailer that you can trust? It isn’t always easy; look for a company with an established reputation in the region that you live for satisfying customers with mobility needs. Some other things to look for are relatable sales staff, problem-solvers, and service after the sale, if you want optimal satisfaction with your mobility equipment and aids.

It can be challenging to know who you can trust when it comes to buying mobility equipment and devices.  Many vendors are eager to make the sale, but scarce and difficult to reach when the customer encounters an issue. Look for a company that has years of established experience in satisfying customers in your region; in Southern California, that is Pacific Mobility, with over 64 years in the mobility business.

Some things that instill this trust in consumers are:

No Slick and Savvy Salespeople

Our sales team is not comprised of slick, savvy salespeople that want to make the sale at any and all costs. Sure, we want to provide you with the highest quality mobility aids, but we want you to become a loyal customer and friend, first. Our sales staff first start out as installers, so their familiarity with what we sell is unsurpassed. They learn the ins and outs of mobility options, processes, and methods, as well as industry trends first-hand. Some of our sales staff are unpolished in selling but providing service to customers and clients comes first.

Some companies may believe that we do things slightly differently, and we do. We maintain the same mission statement for over 60 years and that may seem somewhat old fashioned to many. We believe that hands-on experience is the key to understanding the needs, function, and performance of our mobility aids and equipment.

Taking the Time to Listen

Something else that prospective consumers should watch for is a merchant that takes the time to listen to what is being said. Attentive listening helps to clarify the situation, needs, and wishes of the client- which provides a better outcome with equipment purchases. Putting the customer first even when it hampers a sale is something that you don’t always find- but that you should take time to seek. For example, a power swivel seat may simply not be pragmatic for a buyer as it does add to the overall cost of the device. However, there are some consumers that would benefit from a swiveling seat, such as those with neuropathy or other mobility-limiting conditions, if the vendor takes the time to listen.

Willingness to Problem-Solve and Invent Solutions

Find someone who is open to problem-solving and finding solutions, even after the sale has been made. When something goes askew with your mobility aid, it can be devastating; for many, these devices are the key to autonomy and independence. To lose that, even for a day, can be frightening. Having a contact person readily available to offer insight and help problem-solve can be comforting. It can also lead to inventive solutions that rectify the situation until a professional technician can come and address the issue. These experts also can identify situations that don’t warrant or accommodate equipment or specific devices; they should not sell you something that you don’t need. Instead, there may be inventive and innovative solutions that increase the consumer’s access available without the purchase of equipment. Maybe this involves buying a piece of mobility equipment or not, but a trustworthy mobility seller will offer these options without regard to a commission, fee, or revenues.

Service After the Sale

What good is a piece of mobility equipment if you can’t get service or support after you get it home? Look for a mobility dealer that is as focused on service as they are on the sale itself. A lot of businesses will claim that customer satisfaction is key, but is it really? One way to glean if the company has a history of satisfying customers and providing service for the devices that they sell is through online ratings, reviews, and ranks. There are sites and forums dedicated to mobility aids and accessibility that provide some insight into these merchants. Check out the reviews found on consumer watchdog or awareness sites online, too. Take this feedback into account when evaluating how open they help after you purchase something from them.  Do they respond to emails or phone calls? This is all pertinent in your purchase decision.

Finding a mobility dealer you can trust is not easy, but if you live in Southern California, it is as easy as calling Pacific Mobility; Pacific Mobility checks all the boxes: relatable sales staff that listen, problem-solve, and provide service after the sale. It is as simple as that. For an established reputation of over 60 years in the business, reach out to Pacific Mobility for your mobility aids, equipment, and devices. Call for your thorough needs assessment, estimate, and more information today.