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Free Stair Lift? Why You Can’t Believe Everything You Read

PMC  December 5, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Free stair lift? Find out why you can’t believe everything you read; while there are ways to obtain equipment without paying up-front, most are contingent on commitments, financing, and insurance contingencies.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. How is it possible to get a free stair lift? Many vendors may have consumers believe that this is viable, even common, but there are caveats and conditions that remind you why you can’t believe everything you read when it comes to getting mobility devices for your own home.

Free stair lift? Maybe, but here’s why you can’t believe everything you read:

While obtaining a free stair lift may be a fluke, there are ways to secure a quality stair lift without a lot of money. Talk with stair lift professionals to determine eligibility and precise costs associated with these amazing mobility aids. There could be options and resources available that you have not considered when looking for ways to enhance the accessibility of your home or dwelling. Some things that can impact what you pay and that could make a stair lift a practical option include:


Everyone’s insurance coverage is different, but typically Medicare guidelines do not cover the cost of a stair lift. While some individuals may meet the criteria for a lift chair- to assist in standing from a seated position- a stair lift is something that is most-frequently denied. The best way to ensure coverage of these life-changing devices is through home health care insurance coverage that takes care of equipment and home care in the event of a disability, injury, or illness.  In some instances, Worker’s Compensation coverage may defray the costs of these devices following an injury on-the-job, or those that are involved in auto accidents may find this equipment is cover. The best rule of thumb is to examine, assess, and plan supplemental insurance coverage options to have peace of mind now, and help with expenses later.

Financing Options.

Another practical way to obtain and install a stair lift with little money up-front is through financing and payment arrangements. Seniors often don’t plan on an incident or condition that debilitates their ability to move independently; talk with a manufacturer to find out how you can get a stair lift through financing alternatives, payment plans, or loans. The best approach to financing a new stair lift is to work with a company that you can visit and discuss in-person your options. This is the best way to get accurate information, pricing, and conditions without the risk of miscommunications, which can occur through email or online chats.

The Internal Revenue Service.

The Internal Revenue Service is another resource that could offer some viable ways to upgrade your home and improve accessibility. Call the IRS to determine if your home meets the qualifications for adjustments and valuable tax deductions. In some instances, the IRS may allow you to deduct the cost of installation and equipment, which could impact your overall cost of implementing a lift in the home.  For more information, refer to IRS Publication 502 for information and an online- calculator to estimate whether modifying your stairs qualifies it as a legitimate reason to deduct for medical reasons. You may choose to phone the IRS at (800) 829-1040.

The Government.

Another way that the government can help you secure a stair lift in your home is through grants. There are many grants offered for home modifications that can prevent fall risk through the Fall Prevention Center of Excellence. Also, reach out to the National Council on independent Living Center at (703) 525-3406 for additional ways to get the appropriate funding for mobility aids in your region.

Agency on Aging.

Is there an Agency on Aging in your area? These are excellent resources for finding funding to modify housing for disabilities and access. If you meet the criteria, some Area Agency on Aging sites can help you access resources from the Older Americans Act Title III for support in installing a stair lift. Reach out by contacting the Eldercare locator for more information regarding requirements and eligibility.

Let Pacific Mobility help you find an affordable alternative.

So, it seems that there are many ways to obtain stair lifts that might not clean out your rainy-day fund, but make sure to visit and speak with vendors directly. Make sure to only buy your stair lift from a reputable and qualified mobility aid professional that offers support, service, and customer satisfaction. Contact the experts in mobility aids to garner more information and options for your distinct situation.

In essence, there are no free stair lifts but there may be many options that make mobility equipment viable. Come talk to the mobility experts at Pacific Mobility for mobility aids that work with your home, needs, and budget.