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Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Mobility

PMC  December 3, 2013    pmc  Jeff Conner

For many who have suffered a disability or who have become otherwise mobility-challenged, one of the hardest things to come to terms with is the loss of their ability to drive. In many places, public transportation is not adequate to easily accommodate the mobility-challenged and their regular schedules, or can be expensive and time-consuming, even when it comes to something as simple as running everyday errands like going to the grocery store or the drug store. As a consequence, many with disabilities are forced to rely on family or friends for rides. This experience robs the mobility-challenged of their dignity, and creates a burden on those they rely on for rides, or at the very least creates a perception of difficulty.

It is also difficult for those family and friends to watch someone they love struggle with the new limitations of their freedom of movement. They often feel their loved ones deserve the same ability to drive themselves as anyone else, and it can be heart-breaking watching a parent come to terms with their inability to drive themselves as they have done for decades.

At Pacific Mobility Center, we understand these feelings of shame and frustration, and we empathize. We believe that no one should ever have to suffer through this. Consequently, we have become a dealer and factory-certified installer of MPS vehicle hand controls. MPS has been a leader in the field of vehicle hand controls for the mobility-challenged for over 40 years.


Vehicle hand controls are any number of specialized devices designed to assist the  mobility-challenged control their vehicle in non-traditional, easier ways. They come in a variety of designs depending on the exact level and style of modification needed. Vehicle hand controls can range from a simple device to change what side the blinker is on to devices that allow for the operation of foot pedals with the hands.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will take the time to help you determine which controls you need, and we have a working model in our showroom for you to try out for yourself. Once you have decided on the controls for your vehicle, our factory-certified shop will install the controls for you. We do not offer training or evaluations for the use of this equipment. We highly recommend that a Driving Rehab Instructor is consulted before purchasing these devices. For your convenience we offer local referrals.

With the holidays rapidly approaching and the season of giving upon us, consider giving your mobility-challenged loved ones the gift of freedom and dignity this holiday season. Contact us today to see the world of difference in mobility we can make for you or your loved ones. Also, sign up for our newsletter for monthly news and valuable deals delivered straight to your inbox.

Monarch Hand Controls in action:

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