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Have you seen the incredibly versatile Shower Buddy?

PMC  February 12, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner


Preserve your own autonomy in the bathroom with ShowerBuddy, an ergonomically designed system to aid in transfers during ADLs. Some benefits of this system include prevention of injuries, immediate utility, and ease. For additional advantages, consider TubBuddy, too.

For seniors and caregivers out west, Pacific Mobility Center provides the latest and most-innovative of mobility aids, including the amazing ShowerBuddy.

ShowerBuddy is an ergonomic shower transfer system designed and engineered in New Zealand, and it has been changing lives and improving quality of life since its conception.

Some compelling reasons to take a closer look at ShowerBuddy are:

Prevent caregiver injury

The use of a ShowerBuddy system alleviates heavy lifting and unnecessary transfers, which cuts down on the chance of a caregiver injury. Back injuries are common among caregivers, paid and unpaid, and can cause debilitating consequences for both the caregiver and senior, as many may lose their autonomy and assistance.

Prevent user injury

The bathroom is the most common site of a nasty fall for seniors; think about it, the slick, often-wet surfaces in the bathroom are a recipe for disaster. There are autonomous transfer solutions that not only preserve independence but also dignity. Isn’t it worth a closer look?

No Bathroom remodel, considerable savings

Choosing the route of a remodeled bathroom due to physical limitations and disabilities is expensive. If you rent or lease, remodeling to accommodate accessibility may not even be an option. A Showerbuddy transfer system will slide-in to most existing tub and shower-stalls, at a fraction of the cost to refurbish the bathroom.

Use right away without delays

Another thing about the Showerbuddy that makes it an enticing option is the ease and seamlessness of installation. It is so easy to install, you will be using it the same day that it arrives!  Talk to your mobility vendor about scheduling installation and to learn more.

Makes showering & toileting much easier

The Showerbuddy system eliminates slip hazards and reduces potential fall-risks, without expensive construction. The system allows individuals to maintain their dignity and privacy during activities of daily living, like bathing and toileting. The system utilizes a single transfer to allow the senior to bathe or shower and toilet in one trip.

Additional Products

Looking for something slightly different? Take a closer look at the TubBuddy system. This mobility aid also eliminates the need for numerous transfers and heavy-lifting when assisting an individual with ADLs. This particular chair has a rolling shower chair base, a bridge, and a tub-base. When combined, they create a wheelchair-like device that does it all!  The chair easily rolls during transfer to and near the toilet, a bridge can then be connected that hooks on the side of the tub. This helps the chair circumvent the side of the tub, providing a comfortable and private seat during showers or baths.

Some other notable features of TubBuddy include:

  • The TubBuddy is made of aluminum, which won’t rust in your wet bathroom.
  • The height is adjustable, which makes it perfect for individuals of various sizes.
  • You can buy the bridge to fit your distinct bathroom. They are offered in various sizes.
  • The device easily rolls over and on-top of most toilets, so it is viable for many to go to the bathroom unattended and independently.

Want accessibility and autonomy without the costly construction involved in refurbishing your bathroom? Talk to the mobility experts at Pacific Mobility and learn more about ShowerBuddy. ShowerBuddy is a revolutionary piece of equipment that truly changes the lives of those it serves. For something slightly different and distinctive to your needs, look at the TubBuddy system, too. Visit mobility retailers to try, demonstrate, and discuss your options today!