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High Pressure Sales Tactics – Got to Get the Sale!

PMC  February 22, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner


There is an old adage in the world of sales: “People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold.” The high pressure salesman does not believe strongly enough in this fact of human psychology. On the contrary, he is inclined to assume that people must be prodded and pushed and tricked into buying. So instead of unleashing the primary desire that most people have in the simple power of acquiring things based on their own needs, the high pressure salesman relies on various ways to manipulate his prospect into a sale that may not even be in the buyer’s best interests (and usually does not contribute to a long term relationship with the seller).

There are many techniques that can make saying “yes” to a sale, the easiest way to end the kind of stress-inducing interaction that is the hallmark of a high pressure sales routine. For example, a high pressure salesman might push a customer into a sale by stressing the fact that there is a looming deadline approaching and the price of his product or service is going to shoot up unless the sale is consummated immediately. Whether or not a deadline actually exists happens to be beside the point. The high pressure salesman is actually selling fear of losing something rather than suiting the sale to the buyer’s needs. He is forcing an emotional commitment before his prospect has time to think whether or not he or she can actually afford, or even needs to buy, what the salesman is selling.

In contrast, low pressure selling does not drive a prospect into a buying decision, but rather lets him reach the decision on his own terms. The low pressure salesman tries to ascertain the prospect’s wants and needs, and then tries to explain how his product or service can fit that want or need by demonstrating the relationship between the two.

At Pacific Mobility, we eschew the hard sell. We want to know how we can solve your problem, so we will spend our time with you asking you about your needs and absolutely no time at all in manipulating you into buying what we think we can make the most money on. Buying any one of our fine products needs to be the result of a calm and rational decision that you make on your own about how a purchase from us may benefit you – and not the other way around.

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