aging Honoring Our Service Personnel on Silver Star Service Banner Day

Honoring Our Service Personnel on Silver Star Service Banner Day

PMC  May 8, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Honoring our service personnel on Silver Star Service Banner Day demonstrates an empathy and awareness for seniors, and anyone living with a physical limitation or disability. Make a tradition of paying homage to these heroic citizens by recognizing and commemorating May 1st, this year.

Spring is a time to pay gratitude to those that have served; Silver Star Service Banner Day is the perfect way to recognize and say ‘thanks’ to military personnel and those that have served. This also demonstrates the merits of mobility devices and aids to ensure the quality of life and autonomy for military personnel living with physical impairments – as well as anyone striving for independence despite disabilities or handicaps.

Honor our service personnel on Silver Star Service Banner Day, May 1st

Mark your calendars; May 1st is the day given to acknowledging and paying homage to Silver Star Service Banner Day. This is an excellent opportunity to remind a veteran or service-person of the value of their contributions and to further show that their sacrifices were not in vain. Whether you mark the grave of a decedent with flowers or a flag, or you take a retired veteran to lunch, do something to show an appreciation for those in the armed forces. This Silver Star Service Banner Day.

What is Silver Star Service Banner Day?

May 1st is Silver Star Service Banner Day, a time to recognize those who have been awarded The Silver Star Medal, remembering the sacrifices of all wounded, aging, and ill veterans. The Silver Star is described as the third-highest military decoration for valor in combat and is typically awarded for life-saving actions during combat.  This special commemorative occasion sheds insight into this prestigious decoration and award, bringing to light the many courageous acts and efforts of military personnel widely

Who is being honored?

The Silver Star is a military decoration for valor and bravery during combat, typically for short-termed and specific acts of courage. By contrast, Silver Star Service Banner Day has been dubbed to recognize not just recipients of this prestigious honor, but also to pay homage to service members that are affected and impacted by combat in the armed services, widely.

How old is this tradition?

The Silver Star award itself is not a new decoration for service personnel, and actually, the first Silver Star was authorized around 1942. According to military resources, it followed an honor known as the Citation Star for military acts during combat.

What is the significance of the Silver Star Banner or flag?

Different colors of Silver Banner flags hold different significances among military personnel and their families; for example, gold signifies the sacrifices made by military families with loved ones serving, deployed, or wounded. Silver represents the gallantry of service personnel, and blue symbolizes hope, which reinforces the positive message of Silver Star Banner Day.

Why now? 

In May of 2010, a Congressional resolution was passed authorizing Silver Star Service Banner Day. It is described as “Official Day to honor wounded, ill, and injured veterans.” Groups and agencies have emerged that dedicate their efforts toward recognizing and assisting sick, disabled, or wounded veterans and their families.

What can you do on Silver Star Service Banner Day?

If you- or your loved one- has been impacted by combat in the armed services, display the Silver Star Service Banner proudly and make a point to celebrate this May 1st. Check online resources for dates and times of ceremonies, events, and military get-togethers that are happening in your area. Some municipalities may have parades, processions, or proclamations in honor of those who have served. Another way to show gratitude to members of the armed forces? Plan to lay wreaths or flags at military cemeteries in your region.

Contribute to the autonomy of a loved one with mobility aids

Mobility challenges can impact the independence and autonomy of anyone – included wounded or disabled service personnel. Don’t let a physical limitation impede overall quality of life; mobility challenges can erode and compromise the freedom of many, forcing them to live reclusive, isolated, or dependent lifestyles. Talk with the experts at Pacific Mobility for your thorough needs-assessment and to pinpoint the right mobility equipment for your living situation, needs, and budget.

Don’t let someone you love sacrifice the things they enjoy due to a mobility issue or disability and make sure to reach out to beloved veterans to thank them for their service this May, on Silver Star Service Banner Day this year. The differences that mobility aids make in everyday living may seem subtle, but to someone living with limitations, this assistance can preserve autonomy and improve the quality of life—what could be more worthwhile and significant than that?