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Honoring Those That Have Served

PMC  November 5, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner


Pacific Mobility recognizes and honors veterans this November for Veterans Day- and year-round. Veterans with physical disabilities or mobility issues are encouraged to come see what we can offer to them to preserve autonomy, independence, and quality of life, which they so richly and rightly deserve. Pay homage to a veteran today.

When it comes to quality of life, nobody deserves it more than a veteran of the Armed Forces. After fighting for the rights of millions of people that they have never met, they deserve to have the necessary implements and mobility aids needed to preserve quality of life. Please honor someone on Veterans Day in November and show some compassion for those that fought for our freedom.

Some ways to aid or assist a veteran in November include these tips:

Support Independence

Perhaps the greatest way to honor a veteran is to do what you can to support the independence of one or someone that you love. Assist with a ride, groceries, or a kind word and ask what- if anything- you could do to help them out. When it comes to those living with physical disabilities, this is the kind of offer that helps them to age in place while maintaining autonomy, dignity, and quality of life. Thank you in advance for whatever kind act you choose to do this Veterans Day.

Reduce Fall Risks

Falls are the biggest health challenge facing seniors and this extends to older Veterans, too. A fall can exacerbate current medical issues and compromise independent living. Falls cause seniors to break bones and require rehabilitative care, and many never fully recover. These factors all contribute to life-changing consequences for the senior, such as moving to assisted type living. Reduce the risk of a fall by maintaining a safer environment for the senior with these tips:

  • Buy a reaching tool for them to use in the kitchen.
  • Reconfigure cabinets to hold the most used items nearby.
  • Remove clutter and debris from around the home that could be a tripping hazard.
  • Install railings on steps, stairs, or landings.

Ask providers and mobility vendors about other steps that you can take to ensure the safety and reduce falls for your loved one.

Engage and Interact

Got a friend, neighbor, or family member that has served in the military? Make time to listen and really hear what the individual is saying to you, without watching the clock or playing on your phone. Ask them about an experience, place, or person, and allow them to reminisce for a few minutes. Show them photos of loved ones or a recent trip and share a few special moments together. Bring a little gift, like a small plant or favorite snack, just to show them that you care.

Respect Choices

Listen to how you communicate with a senior in your life; do you show them respect? Make this Veterans Day in November the time to change the way that you talk to others, including veterans, seniors, or those that you provide care for. Instead of lecturing or admonishing for circumstances or situations, encourage and motivate with kind, gentle words. Maybe the choices that they make seem impractical to you but respect them and let them live autonomously as long as possible.

Improve Access

Do something that improves the access and subsequent independence around the home, like install grab bars. These work great near the sinks, toilet, tub, as well as the top and bottom of stairways or steps. These are inexpensive to buy from mobility dealers and can go a long way in improving access and reducing hazards.

Enhance Safety

Take a few minutes to do a safety check at the home of a beloved veteran or senior. This includes moving or removing area rugs that could be dangerous and changing light bulbs to enhance lighting. You may also move furniture to ensure a smooth, wide berth through the home and keep any front steps or porch free from obstacles, ice, or hazards.

Donate to Causes

Donate generously to causes that are related to Veterans’ issues, like VA programs. Some programs, like animal-assisted therapies, only work when citizens donate their time, resources, and in this example, pets to help others. Share unwanted clothing or belongings to VA centers and hospitals widely and many have thrift stores or other ways of supporting their offerings with these used items. Drop off a can of food to local food banks that veterans and seniors frequent or spend a few bucks to purchase gift cards for these local venues.

Work with a vendor that will collaborate to find the mobility aids covered by your insurance or VA benefits. Pacific Mobility wants to make the process as easy as possible so that those deserving of equipment get it fast. Pacific Mobility recognizes and appreciates the sacrifices made by veterans of the Armed Forces. Come see us for a comprehensive evaluation and no-obligation estimate for mobility aids In Southern California. We look forward to serving you.