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How a stairlift may actually save you money 

PMC  October 2, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Talk to a mobility professional today to learn how a stairlift may actually save you money over the short and long-term. Some ways that stairlifts can put money in your pocket is by creating an adaptive home that facilitates autonomy for those with physical limitations or mobility issues.

Been wondering if you can afford a stairlift for your home? The myth surrounding stairlifts is that they are cost-prohibitive for the ordinary consumer. Before you rule out these invaluable mobility aids with the capacity to change and improve everyday life, talk to the experts. You may find that the price of buying a stairlift from a reputable vendor in the area is far less costly than the repercussions of failing to install these devices and improve accessibility in your home.

Talk to a mobility professional to learn how a stairlift may actually save you money

When you think about the expenses that lack of access can cost you, a stairlift seems to be a pragmatic and prudent investment. A poorly-adapted home for someone with physical limitations or disabilities can cost their independence, autonomy, and quality of life. A better question to ask yourself is: Can I afford to live without a stairlift at this time.

A stairlift saves you money – and headaches – in the following ways:


The costs of remodeling and reconfiguring the home can be quite hefty. This might include converting to one-level living or adding rooms on the existing first floor to accommodate those with physical limitations. Installing ramps in and around the house is another expense that a lift may eliminate, depending on the layout of your current home.

Potential Risks

Did you know that around one in four seniors aged 65 and older falls each year? It is estimated that the financial costs related to these fall-related injuries are expected to increase to over $67-billion dollars per year by 2020. Getting injured costs money out-of-pocket, whether you have insurance or not. The secondary costs of an injury could include isolation, depression, and loss of autonomy.


Lack of access to an upper or lower level of your living situation could cause you to be isolated, a real problem in times of emergency. Depending on where you live, storms and weather-related issues could make it difficult for you to evacuate or leave the premise. The costs of calling a caregiver or caretaker at these times could be prohibitive, or simply not feasible options.


Don’t forget about the potential moving costs of having to move to a more-adaptive, handicap-accessible residence. The costs of these types of life changes exceed dollars and extend to adjusting to a new home, leaving old friends or neighbors, and possible parting with pets. A stairlift can make the difference in maintaining independence and staying in a cherished family home or beloved living situation and living the life that you want on your terms.


Speaking of moving, adapting to a new community is a major life transition that could be difficult for many to adjust to. Part of this is leaving what is familiar and comfortable, which can be daunting, even frightening. Moving even a few miles away could impact seeing family, friends, or engaging in activities that were convenient in your previous home. Think about these consequences of failing to make your current home accessible.

Call for a comprehensive needs assessment today

Still considering if a stairlift is right for your home? The most important first step is to contact a mobility aids expert in the area for a thorough needs assessment. This will point toward the best device, equipment, and options for your needs, limitations, and living situation. Don’t delay; there is no obligation associated with having an evaluation and checking out how a stairlift would make everyday living easier and more accessible.

Consider customer, consumer, and client perspectives when shopping

There are a lot of merchants that will sell you a stairlift, but make sure that you only work with reputable, qualified mobility experts. Be wary of any vendor that wants to sell you a stairlift without assessing, evaluating, and considering your distinct needs and preferences. Also, be careful when looking at used devices; these could lack the warranty and support after the sale, which is so important with mobility equipment. Look for a seller that offers support, service, and installation, and make sure that they offer these options before signing a contract or agreeing to a sale.

When it comes to mobility aids and devices in California, consumers look to Pacific Mobility for insight, expertise, and professionalism to install, service, and support the products that they carry. For decades this merchant has been supplying residents with stairlifts and a whole range of mobility products to make everyday living easier and more enjoyable. Reach out for your consultation today!