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Inspired Ways to Celebrate International Day of Older Persons 

PMC  October 15, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

October 1st marks the observance of International Day of Older Persons, which is the perfect time to reach out and give to a senior that you know or care for. Since freedom and autonomy impact quality of life, consider mobility aids and solutions for those struggling with physical limitations or disabilities. Make it a mission to learn more and disseminate information to seniors that could improve their situation and simplify everyday living.

Does someone you know live with a physical limitation? Sadly, mobility issues can affect their independence and impact their desire to age in place, at home. There are some solutions: mobility aids may be just the right amount of support and security to endorse seniors that want to preserve their autonomy. Observe ‘International Day of Older Persons’ this October and become more empathetic to the seniors in your life. While visiting nursing homes or spending time with relatives may seem like a proper way to spend the commemorative event, try something a bit more inventive that could have lasting benefits for a senior.

Make it a year to remember; some inspired ways to celebrate International Day of Older Persons this October 1st include:

  • Take someone to lunch. Plan to take someone dear for a leisurely lunch. Make time to chat and listen, relishing the time spent with this person.
  • Send a senior a special delivery. Send or take a senior a care package with both practical and luxurious goodies for them to use and enjoy. Some awesome items to include in packages are snacks, grooming items, socks, magazines, stationery items, and postage stamps.
  • Bring love to the bathroom. Help a senior with mobility issues stay safe in the bathroom by installing grab bars near the sink or toilet. These are not expensive but can prevent a nasty fall and serious injury for someone you love.
  • Handwrite a note. Mail or hand-deliver a senior a beautiful greeting card with a handwritten note inside. Feeling crafty? Make your own card!
  • Sing a song or two. Consider going to sing some songs at a nursing home or senior center but check with the activities staff first to make sure it is permitted. Don’t sing? Read poetry or from a favorite book to seniors that want to lend an ear.
  • Build a ramp. Build someone a ramp for a wheelchair or walker. Make sure that it adheres to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines regarding handicap accessible ramps.
  • Think ahead for spring. Even though it is fall, think ahead to spring and plant bulbs in a community garden for seniors to enjoy later-on. Buy a couple of beautiful potted Mums to share with a special older person right now.
  • Bake a batch of cookies. Bake a batch of cookies or treats to share with a neighbor, relative, or other senior that has a sweet tooth. Pick up cute an inexpensive cookie platters and containers at a dollar store to give without worrying about getting it back later.
  • Have some tea or coffee. Host a small tea party or invite an older person out for coffee at a favorite local spot.
  • Plan to feed your friend. If you are already cooking a meal, go ahead and prepare a little extra. Bake and freeze a few meals and drop them off to a friend.
  • Offer them a lift. Why not offer a ride for appointments, errands, or shopping? This means a lot to a housebound senior or someone who doesn’t drive. They will try, but don’t let them give you gas money! Tell them that this one is on you.
  • Spend time with animals. Engage seniors with therapeutic pets; visit a shelter, bring a dog to visit, or do something special for the senior’s pet, if applicable. Offer to take the pet to an appt, buy kibble, or help groom…this will mean a lot to an animal lover.
  • Learn more. Take time to talk to a mobility expert about investing in mobility aids, like lifts or wheelchairs, for your loved one. There are inventive mobility solutions waiting that have the ability to change lives- check them out!

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. Know that the underlying mission of this observance is to spend time and empathize with older persons. Don’t let money be the reason you skip International Day of Older Persons; simply extend a hand of friendship to a senior that you care about.

Do something to change the life of a senior that you love for the better; call the mobility experts to learn more about innovative ways to increase accessibility and improve mobility. Mobility directly influences the quality of life- look closer at tools and aids that may help seniors maintain their independence and dignity, throughout the lifespan.