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It Can’t Be Said Enough: Attitude Determines Success

PMC  June 4, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

positive attitude

Observe and honor National Attitude Day in June this year and consider the ways that a positive attitude lends to and determines success. While mobility limitations and physical disabilities can present hurdles and challenges, the right attitude and perseverance can contribute to autonomy and aging in place, which are both common goals among older individuals as well as those living with mobility issues.

When it comes to dealing with life’s struggles, a positive attitude can increase success and pave the way for better outcomes. This extends to those living with physical impairments, illness, or disability; mobility aids and devices increase the ease and convenience of everyday living which can be an obstacle to life quality for many with physical disabilities. Even if you don’t think being more positive will help change your circumstances, it certainly can’t hurt. Positive thinking has been associated with elevated mood, improved sleep, and better immunity to illness and disease. Consider this the next time you are tempted to look at your situation cynically- try a bit of optimism instead. What do you have to lose?

Some ways that attitude helps to determine success include:


Believe that you can that is integral to fulfilling what needs to take place in order to achieve your goal. For instance, look at autonomy; autonomy and the ability to be independent may seem like a lofty goal for those living with serious medical compromise or complication. Do what needs to be done in order to live a more independent life, such as scaling down belongings, spending less money, accepting outside assistance, or using mobility aids and devices for accessibility. More on that last point later…

Aging in Place

Autonomy contributes to aging in place, a term used to describe meeting the individual where they are at and allowing them the ability to live out their life in their own home. Aging in place is important to seniors, particularly for a sense of security or sentimentality. The home that they live in may be well-equipped to meet their current needs as well as familiar to them. It may also be a link to the past, to family that is gone or loved ones that have passed. It is understood that those living their golden years on their own terms, in their own home may have an improved quality of life over those who are designated and charged with living life on someone else’s terms, such as in a long-term care facility or nursing home.

Health and Well-being

Positivity can be contagious, but did you know that it actually has healthful benefits on holistic well-being, too? By looking at life in a more positive framework, you can alleviate and rid yourself of stress that could be taking a toll on your overall health. Don’t worry about situations that you can not control or that don’t directly concern you. By reducing stress, worry, and duress, there are documented health advantages like lower blood pressure, reduced risk of stroke, improved social interaction, and better mood.


Being positive may give you the confidence and curiosity to try new things and accept a more open-minded view of the world around you. For those living with physical challenges, limitations, or disabilities, this may include trying and adapting mobility aids and devices into their lifestyle. From grab-bars to stairlifts, and a whole range of equipment in between, sometimes the simplest augments and assistance can make the biggest difference. Many of these aids are designed to lower the risk of a nasty fall which can have debilitating, even fatal, consequences for seniors or those that already live with physical challenges. Falls are the number one hazard to watch out for among those over age 55; fall prevention efforts are crucial.


Start your new positive mindset out by honoring and paying tribute to National Attitude Day on June 5th, 2019; this day is set aside to laud and tout the many advantages and benefits of adopting a positive state of mind. This becomes even more critical when facing seemingly insurmountable odds, circumstances, or situations, which may at first seem like a losing battle. Know this: attitude is a key factor in overcoming obstacles of all kind. Don’t ever sell yourself short on improving your life’s current circumstances.  

Adopting a positive mindset is not to minimize or underestimate the severity or issues associated with physical disabilities and challenges, however, it is through positivity, growth, and a desire to make a change that can pave the way for improved quality of life and increased ease in everyday life.

Visit the mobility professionals at Pacific Mobility to find the aids and tools needed to help you develop a can-do attitude. Our goal is to assist as you age in place and to facilitate autonomy and independence as much as possible. We believe a positive attitude can change lives and create positive outcomes; come let us share our optimism and love for what we do with you! Come talk to a mobility expert today.