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Maintaining your outdoor stairlift for years of enjoyment

PMC  July 30, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

A stairlift is an investment that can change the way that you live your life, but you need to take care and maintain it. There are only a few basic tips offered for maintaining your outdoor stairlift for years of enjoyment and performance, but they are prudent and practical ones. Consider maintenance, service, and support when purchasing mobility equipment or aids of any kind and shop with vendors that offer this provision to buyers.

If you are fortunate enough to use or have access to an outdoor stairlift, then you realize how important and life-changing these devices can be. Outdoor lifts enable users to easily access yards, gardens, vehicles, porches, patios, and even pools- which may have never been accessible before. However, if you are going to rely on your lift and expect it to perform at the push of a button, you must take care of it which involves basic maintenance for your mobility aids.

Maintain your outdoor stairlift and enjoy years of enjoyment with the following tips:

Keep it covered

First and foremost, keep your outdoor stairlift protected with a cover! It is so simple, yet so effective at protecting outdoor lifts in foul weather. Water is typically the enemy of any motorized or electronic device and your outdoor lift is no different though it has been manufactured to withstand the rigors of the elements, like water, wind, heat, and cold. Covering the device when not in use or when the West Coast winter winds begin to blow helps to bring longevity, adding years to its life. Talk to your mobility retailer about covers for your outdoor- and indoor too- stairlifts.

Protect the Battery and Charger

Speaking of protecting and preserving, make sure that you keep your battery charger in a dry, safe space when it is not in use. This prevents the build-up of condensation in your battery charger, which is a common occurrence. When moisture or condensation happens, it can impede the life and performance of your stairlift’s battery – and who wants your lift to fail when you need it the most? It is not a good practice to unplug your outdoor lift when not in use as, over time, this can have damaging consequences for your battery pack. Since your lift uses very little energy overall, unplugging it when not in use does not save you any significant operating costs. Instead, maintain a full charge- whether being used regularly or not – and keep the lift in operating position and condition to be ready at a moment’s notice. This is the safest way to store and treat your device for optimal performance.

Maintain the Seating Area

Make a weekly habit of wiping down the seat of your outdoor stairlift routinely and use a soft damp cloth with a cleaning solvent endorsed or recommended by your stairlift retailer or manufacturer. If the weather is bad, wipe it down more frequently. Failure to do so doesn’t just make your seat prone to stains or soiling but is also could impact the moving parts of your device over time. Take pride in your lift and keep it clean and aim to have the stairlift oiled and lubricated every few months or according to the specific recommendations of the equipment manufacturer.

Vacuum the Rails and Remove Debris

As far as regular maintenance for an outdoor stairlift goes, vacuuming is integral. Vacuuming the rails of your lift is the most effective way of removing debris from the track that could impact the performance and even the safety of your device. Things like small rocks, dust, dirt, mud, or pet hair can accumulate and clog the rails, creating an unsafe obstacle. The rail must be clean for a smooth ride; cleaning and lubricating are key. Skip the harsh cleaning chemicals and only use products suggested by your manufacturer or retailer. Talk to your mobility professional about services offered including lubrication and more extensive cleaning, as needed.

Pertaining to regular maintenance and longevity of your stairlift, maintain a service schedule annually with your mobility aid dealer or vendor. Have the technician assess the device for any issues, repairs, or problems, as well as to clean, lubricate, and inspect your lift for safety and security.  It bears repeating that you should never allow anyone to service, repair, or augment your stairlift except for qualified mobility professionals. In fact, allowing someone to tamper with your equipment may nullify any warranty or service agreement that you have in place.

How would an outdoor stairlift change your everyday life? Keep these tips in mind when maintaining your outdoor stairlift. The key to long-term satisfaction with any mobility device is to take care of it- why not leave this up to the mobility professionals at Pacific Mobility? They service what they sell and stick around to support consumers, clients, and customers widely.