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Massage Offers Many Benefits for Improved Mobility

PMC  October 9, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

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Did you know that massage offers many benefits for improved mobility? Massage is a holistic health approach with many documented advantages; talk to your provider about incorporating this therapeutic practice into your healthcare regimen.

Massage involves applying various techniques and touch to both the soft tissue and muscle-system of your body. For individuals living with physical limitations, mobility issues, or injuries, massage can be an integral and invaluable resource as you rehabilitate, repair, and recover. Consider implementing both mobility aids and equipment from Pacific Mobility as well as massage therapy, into your health and wellness regimen.

Massage offers many benefits for improved mobility

It is estimated that there are over 200 different types of massage used in treatment, therapy, and practice. The variation lies in the technique, including compression, kneading, tapping, rocking, pressure, and friction; talk to your therapist about products, like oils, that can reduce the impact of friction on your skin during the massage treatment.

Some of the benefits of massage include:

  • Improved sleep quality, less fatigue, and more energy. Massage can help fend-off restlessness that impacts overall sleep.
  • Better concentration and focus. Massage seems to stimulate the senses and increase your ability to focus, which could indicate cognitive benefits.
  • Stimulation of lymphatic system, which results in better immunity and defenses against illness. This is particularly relevant for seniors as illness can quickly impact and compromise their overall health and lifestyle.
  • Healthier skin, which happens to be your body’s largest organ. The massaged skin has healthy blood-flow, which gives it a rosy, healthy glow. If you have massage therapy regularly, you will likely get compliments on your skin’s appearance and texture.
  • Improved flexibility in your joints. Another advantage for anyone with physical injury or disability is the increased flexibility that massage provides. This improved joint movement can also go a long way toward reducing the risk of a fall and subsequent, severe injury.
  • Reduced anxiety, decreased depression, and improved mood. Massage helps with mood. It simply makes you feel good!
  • Helps reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks by facilitating tissue growth and regeneration. Since massage directly impacts your skin, it has great efficacy in improving the look and texture of this organ. Regular treatment with an enriched massage oil could decrease scars, stretch marks, and imperfections, giving your skin a younger appearance.
  • Improved circulation; increased oxygenation in organs and tissues of the body. One of the key advantages that trickles-down to other benefits is the improved circulation of massage therapy. This stimulation increases the flow of oxygen in your body that has numerous health perks throughout your bodily systems.
  • Fewer cramps, spasms, or incidents of muscle pain. The improved circulation from massage treatment may be why it also results in fewer instances of cramping or sore muscle spasms. This includes RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms, which usually include spasming lower leg and foot muscles at night. Massage can contribute to fewer instances with less severity.
  • Eases and relieves tired or sore muscles. Massage is an excellent way to relieve and restore tired, sore muscles. Athletes use massage to repair and alleviate tissue injury and pain after working out.
  • Releases feel-good endorphins into the body. It is reported that massage treatment and the increased circulatory benefits cause a release of endorphins which create pleasant, healthful feelings. In fact, these endorphins are often referred to as ‘nature’s pain-killer’.

For those with physical disabilities, massage can relieve back pain and increase your range-of-motion. Furthermore, massage stretches and exercises stiff or weak muscles, which alleviates pain and could lower dependence on medications.

Make time for massage during American Massage Therapy Week in October

The perfect time to embark on massage therapy and treatment is during American Massage Therapy Week; the American Massage Therapy Association, or AMTA, is hosting its 22nd annual National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, in October, from the 21st through the27th. This is a time for members of this group to promote the advantages of massage and share information to educate and encourage consumers widely.

Consult with your physician, practitioner, or provider before embarking on new treatment regimens, including massage therapy

Massage can be a much-deserved treat, a powerful stress reliever, or part of your medical rehabilitation; know that you should always consult with your provider before starting any new regimen, including massage. Massage may be the missing piece of your holistic and healthful treatment plan to preserve wellness and improve quality of life.

Talk to the experts at Pacific Mobility about the aids, devices, and equipment needed for your rehabilitation, recovery, and autonomy in your home. For a holistic approach to your treatment regimen, consider adding massage therapy to the mix. With so many benefits of massage, it makes sense to imbibe regularly as a preventative and practical approach to wellness. For those with physical limitations or impairments, massage makes even more sense and could directly correlate with enhanced quality of life.