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Mobility Aids to Make Using your Pool Easier this Summer

PMC  July 23, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

If you enjoy swimming yet struggle with mobility issues, know that there are a number of mobility aids that make using your pool easier in summer. These items are widely found through mobility vendors and dealers, and many have purposes beyond a simple swim; these devices can also improve autonomy and facilitate aging in place, which contribute to overall quality of life.

Do you have a swimming pool? Do you live with physical limitations, disabilities, or issues? Talk to a qualified retailer for mobility aids that will facilitate using your pool- as well as a number of tasks that contribute to everyday living!

Consider these mobility aids that can make using your pool easier this summer:

Pool Lifts

Naturally, it makes sense when discussing mobility aids for your pool to mention a pool lift. A pool lift can be permanently secured to your pool for ease and convenience all summer long. Both indoor and out, a pool lift gently transports the user in and out, up and down in the water. The lift utilizes suspension and a seat that create a smooth, non-invasive transition which encourages physical exercise and facilitates pool time. The device itself is sleek, discreet and stable enough to provide trust, reliability, and safety during use.

Freestanding Lifts

If you want even more bang for your buck, consider the versatility and freedom of freestanding lifts; these are well-suited to a wide range of users with limitations or disabilities that impede mobility and autonomy. These can be used by caregivers to prevent injury as well to gently transition the user from a bed, chair, toilet, or tub, safely to where they need to be. These are frequently seen used in hospitals, rehabs, and skilled nursing settings, so you know that they are a trusted and reliable piece of mobility equipment. Talk to your mobility dealer to learn more!

Grab Bars

Maybe you don’t need a lift; what can you do to increase safety and preserve well being when getting in and out of the pool? The answer may lie in something as simple- and cost-efficient- as grab bars. Grab bars are common implements for a bathroom, near the toilet or sink, used to stabilize the individual and maintain balance during activities of daily living (ADLs). Grab bars make sense for a wide range of the population- whether they struggle with limited mobility or not since they create a more secure environment. When secured near your pool, a grab bar can prevent a nasty fall, save someone from a slip, and curb poolside accidents.

Transport Chairs

If you utilize a wheelchair or scooter regularly, consider beefing up your access with a high-quality transport chair. A transport chair is, in essence, a compact and lightweight wheelchair. Today’s consumer market offers a wide range of transport chairs to suit any and every user. There are also some extraordinary foldable wheelchairs available that can be the ideal outdoor chair to access your yard, garden, and, yes, your pool. These can be tossed in a vehicle with ease and without size restrictions, typically. These transport chairs are devoid of the upholstery and features that could become damaged when in contact with water, which makes them the perfect mobility aid to keep close by poolside.

Ramps and Railings

Another essential, though relatively simple augment to consider near your pool is the implementation of ramps and railings. Even if you don’t use a chair or scooter, ramps create an easy-to-traverse exterior that makes using the pool more feasible and less injury-prone. There are some ADA recommendations pertaining to the slope and rise of ramps, so check these guidelines before construction. As for railings, these should be implemented near each access point to the pool for safety and security when in use. Railings make sense and maintain safety for anyone who uses the pool- not only those with mobility issues or disabilities.

Porch Lifts

If you are contemplating remodeling your exterior spaces, look a bit closer at a porch lift. These lifts are made to be used outside and to hold up to the elements. These create a smooth transition from your porch to a patio, deck, or the ground below. Worried about the dimensions of your outside space or area? Talk to a mobility professional and learn more about what is needed to install a porch lift in your home.

If you plan on swimming this summer and getting the most out of your pool, talk with the mobility professionals at Pacific Mobility; they strive to assist you in doing the things that you enjoy with ease and convenience. Furthermore, the equipment that they endorse and sell contribute to autonomy and aging in place for seniors concerned with mobility issues or disabilities. Don’t let summer pass you by; talk to the mobility professionals now.