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Have You Been Putting Off Needed Improvements?

PMC  December 25, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Have you been putting off much-needed home and mobility improvements? Don’t’ waste another moment; make the changes that can improve life and increase accessibility today. Observe It’s About Time Week this December by getting these repairs, refurbishments, and projects done now.

Have you delayed or stalled home improvement projects, but you know that they need to get done? Now is the time to get things done. If you or someone you live with struggles with physical limitations, this may also be the time to consider installing mobility aids; speak with mobility vendors to determine when it is most prudent for professional installation and to schedule service.

Have you been putting off much-needed home and mobility improvements?

There are some tasks and projects that should not be delayed whenever possible. If money is at the root of your procrastination, talk to mobility vendors about plans, programs, and pricing for the equipment you need to improve accessibility in the home. Not all projects are costly though they may require some sweat equity; when hiring a contractor, research online and ask around to find reputable, reliable companies.

Don’t delay these home and mobility improvements any longer:

  • Install ramps. Installing ramps can be a life-altering improvement for residents that rely on a wheelchair or scooter to get around. Not sure about permanent changes to your home? Consider a cost-efficient portable ramp to increase access.
  • Widen doors. In order to pass ADA requirements, public buildings must have doors that are between 32” and 48” wide. After assessing your home, it may be time to widen the doorways and remove the thresholds to accommodate anyone that uses mobility aids in the space.
  • Repair flooring. Replace or repair damaged flooring that could present a fall risk to those living in the home. Remove carpeting and restore surfaces to become smooth and easy to traverse daily.
  • Install lifts. Installing lifts may seem like a major home project, but it could be life-altering for those that have trouble navigating steps and stairs. When it comes to stairlifts, you have a lot of options to consider. Don’t buy second-hand lifts from private parties and avoid buying online where you are not guaranteed support and service after the sale.
  • Add a bathroom. Putting in a first-floor bathroom not only improves everyday living for those in your home, but it could increase the value of your overall property. This is an investment that pays off later if you choose to put your home on the market.
  • Install safety features. Update the bathroom, stairs, and halls with some safety features that cost very little to implement. Install grab-bars near spots where there is the potential for a nasty fall, like at the top of a stairway or near the bathtub. Visit mobility retailers to see a range of safety products that will improve your home environment.
  • Reconfigure cabinetry and counters. If residents in the home are restricted to a wheelchair or scooter, maybe it is time to reconfigure the counters and cabinetry to accommodate them and make it much easier to cook, bathe, and complete everyday activities. Lowering counters and installing floor cabinets will make them easier to use and access, but there are other things that you can do. For instance, rearrange and redo the cabinets with lazy Susan turntables and hanging storage on the doors to make them easier to utilize. Talk to your contractor for more ideas.
  • Buy automatic door openers. Mobility vendors should be able to demonstrate automatic door openers that can be installed in your home. Think of how this could change everyday chores for you and those in the home.

If your projects outweigh your budget, focus on one distinct upgrade that will have life-changing results. This could be replacing flooring and focusing on preventing falls or investing in a porch lift to assist with day-to-day transfers and transportation. Don’t try to do too much with too little or you may be dissatisfied with the outcome.

It’s About Time Week, December 25th-31st

From Christmas to New Year’s Eve, the emphasis is on the family which is why it is the time chosen for the annual It’s About Time Week, which encourages getting things done. From the 25th to the 31st, the focus is on tying up loose ends, doing something new, and adapting to change; in this instance, the emphasis is on the fact that you deserve the safety and security that mobility aids can offer. Don’t put it off.

Come in or call today

The best way to begin your home and mobility improvements is to come for an assessment today; this will point to the most practical mobility solutions for your distinct needs and situation. This is the time to act and improve quality of life every day to come.