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Small Items Make A Big Impact And Great Holiday Gifts As Well

PMC  December 11, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner


Maybe a stairlift or a new wheelchair is not in your buying-budget, but when shopping for loved ones that have physical limitations or mobility issues, small items make a big impact and great holiday gifts, as well. From step-stools and slippers to grab-bars and magnifiers, simple gifts like these can improve the overall quality of life each and every day.

Think outside the box; there are many small, inexpensive mobility aids that help seniors or those with physical limitations manage the day to day activities easier and improve everyday living. While it may not seem like some of these smaller tools can make a big difference, these inventive items can contribute to overall independence and autonomy- which is huge.

Small items make a big impact and great holiday gifts, as well

Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference. When it comes to assistance and accessibility in everyday life, something as seemingly insignificant as a handle or grab-bar can be life-changing. Consider what family or friends with mobility limitations might be able to use on an everyday basis, and that could improve the overall quality of life in a big way.

Some small aids to help with day-to-day-activities include:

  • Grab-bars. If there is even the slightest chance that you or someone you love could fall, grab-bars are a good idea. These should be placed in spots that make sense, like near sinks, the toilet, and steps, depending on the layout and particulars of your home.
  • Don’t think that ramps involve major construction and a lot of money; there are many affordable and easy portable styles that can be invaluable in preventing a nasty fall or injury.
  • Reaching and grabbing tools. Think about putting reaching tools in someone’s stocking this year. Many healthy seniors fall or sustain injury simply from trying to access something that is just out of reach.
  • A lazy Susan. Reconfigure and refresh a commonly-used cupboard or cabinet with a handy lazy Susan. These can expand the area inside that is accessible to the resident, making it much easier to find what you are looking for, every day.
  • Canes and walking sticks. Canes and walking sticks are great ideas for anyone, but especially for seniors or those with physical limitations. Having the support of a stylish cane or wooden walking stick could be just enough to prevent a fall and assist the user in everyday activities.
  • Step-stools with railings. Another clever aid that makes an excellent gift to share widely is a quality step-stool with railing. These will help those living in their own homes with tasks and chores that they do every day. Furthermore, it may curb risks associated with individuals attempting, trying, or climbing to access items that are up high.
  • Slip-proof shoes and slippers. A pair of slip-proof shoes or slippers is another underrated aid that could be life-changing for your recipient. Talk to physicians and mobility retailers to find brands endorsed by the experts and rated highly by consumers.
  • Magnifiers and readers. Another low-cost idea of a small aid could be a magnifying glass or a pair of readers. Reading glasses are widely-available at a broad price-point, and anyone that uses them for up-close tasks and activities can never have too many pairs.
  • Easy apparel. If you struggle with buttons, snaps, or zippers when dressing, consider adaptive apparel, like pull-on pants or Velcro-secured tops. These make activities of daily living (ADLs), i.e. dressing, much easier and more independent.
  • Adaptive utensils. Talk to your area’s mobility retailer to find out more about adaptive utensils, pens, toothbrushes, and other necessities that could be a helpful idea. Some of these items have larger handles for easier grip by those with physical limitations.

Large mobility aids and devices aside, these smaller items, products, and tools can make a big impact on someone’s life. Talk to mobility vendors and professionals to learn more about other options for your loved one – or yourself!

Gift-giving with a purpose

Instead of giving the usual gifts, try to think of something that has a purpose for your loved ones with limited mobility or physical challenges. Give them a gift that they may not buy or have thought of for themselves. Some simple aids, tools, and items will mean much more and serve a greater purpose than a box of candy or holiday Poinsettia. You will be contributing to your recipient’s autonomy and independence! What greater gift could there be?

Ready to check out some mobility aids in the area? Come talk to the professionals at Pacific Mobility and learn more about how small aids can make a positive impact and significant difference in the life of someone you love this season.  From grab-bars and ramps to stair and platform lifts, visit a retailer today to see more mobility options for yourself.