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Stairlift tips for wheelchair users

PMC  May 28, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner


Concerned about trying to use a stairlift with a wheelchair? Don’t be; some simple safety tips and stairlift tips for wheelchair users make it easy and life-altering to use the two mobility aids in unison. In fact, aging in place may rely on numerous mobility devices that increase accessibility and improve safety to preserve autonomy as we age.

Make the most of your wheelchair by implementing a stairlift in homes, businesses, or environments that could use one. Using mobility aids and devices enhances your access in daily living, which contributes to making your more independent and autonomous. Age in place with the latest in mobility aids and equipment from local vendors and merchants.

Stairlifts and Wheelchairs

Do you use a wheelchair? Some advantages and benefits of installing a stairlift include:

  • Convenience is enhanced with a stairlift to get you from one level of the home to another.
  • Safety is a must, so make sure that you follow the user guidelines for the stairlift to the letter.
  • Flexibility is ensured when you consider lifts around the home. You are no longer restricted to one level!
  • Cost is more reasonable than you may think; you may also have some rental options, available.
  • Efficiency is increased when you are able to use your lift and wheelchair, collaboratively.
  • Accessibility around the home is unlimited!
  • Autonomy and independence are preserved when you are able to age in place and stay in your own home.

The benefits of integrating a stairlift into the home are plenty- what are you waiting for? If you are concerned about costs or insurance coverages, talk more to your retailer about pragmatic options for your budget.

Safety Tips and Tactics

Naturally, you want to stay safe. There is no reason why you can’t use a wheelchair and a stairlift in conjunction to make your home more accessible and convenient. Pay attention to basic safety tips to prevent accidents, injuries, or damage to either your lift or the wheelchair:

  • Use the seat belt. Even though the ride on your lift is brief, wear the safety seat belt. It is there for a reason: your personal safety
  • Keep kids off. Don’t allow children to play on or around your stairlift and don’t permit them to use the device without adult supervision. If the primary user of the lift is a child, talk to vendors about specialized children’s stairlifts come with additional safety features
  • Fold the seat after each use. The seat on your stairlift will fold into itself; make sure to return the seat to this inactive position after use. This will prevent people from bumping into it or damaging the lift when it is not in use
  • Use the sensors. Sensors will alert you when something is blocking the path of your stairlift; make sure that you use and frequently check these features. Always try to remove pets, kids, or objects from your path, but utilize sensors every time you use your lift to be safe
  • Keep clothing and garments snug. Don’t wear or transport loose, flowy items on your lift. This would include long blankets, long dresses, wide legged pants, long scarves, or any item that could potentially get caught in the stairlift mechanism, compromising the equipment and your safety. Keep clothing snug and any cargo within the confines of your lap.
  • Liquids can do damage. Liquids are the natural enemies of your electronic stairlift! Don’t drink or transport liquids (without lids!) on or around the stairlift. This cannot be emphasized enough.
  • Use the lift for one person at a time. Your lift is not intended to carry multiple people, plus there are concrete weight limits for each distinct stairlift. Follow and pay attention to these manufacturer restrictions at all times and refer to your owner’s manual for further information pertaining to these limits.
  • Arrange for annual maintenance. Plan on annual maintenance and inspections for your lift to keep it working smoothly. If you notice any issues or problems, contact your vendor right away for service and support.  Maintaining your lift is often mandated to keep your owner’s warranty active.

Always read manufacturer recommendations and stick to what they suggest for safe operating techniques and suggestions. Each device and aid is different, so talk to your vendor to find distinctions that could make a difference in your own lifestyle.

Thinking about a stairlift? Talk to us today about mobility solutions.

Call us today at Pacific Mobility to learn more about aging in place and safety. Let us demonstrate how you can use a stairlift safely, with or without a wheelchair. We look forward to helping you discover the best mobility aids and devices to support your autonomy, and that make everyday living a lot more convenient.