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Strategies, such as Parkour Training May Help to Reduce the Risk of a Dangerous Fall

PMC  March 12, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

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Want to reduce the risk of a dangerous fall? Seniors are encouraged to take strides and steps to maintain balance and flexibility throughout the life cycle with strategies like Parkour Training, yoga, and practicing falling. These attempts may make falls less frequent and less injurious, contributing to a more positive quality of life.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the number-one cause of injury among seniors, typically over age 65. While you may not be able to remove all fall risks from the home environment, it may benefit seniors to learn how to fall in order to reduce the risk of a debilitating injury resulting from these incidents. Visit vendors that carry mobility aids to see more innovations related to preventing the risk of such occurrences in your home.

Want to reduce the chances of serious injury in the event of a fall? Try these tips:

Parkour Training

Have you ever observed Parkour Training, where participants make their way from one spot to another using the most convoluted paths, like an obstacle course of sorts? This sport is not just for the physically fit and young, it may also help older individuals minimize possible injury themselves in the event of a fall. Plus, the added familiarity with the inherent obstacles of everyday life may lead to fall reduction. The goal of this sport isn’t just to be extreme- it is to improve balance and agility, as well as show seniors how to land when and if they should fall.

Senior Yoga

It is not difficult to find a yoga session, class, or online offering dedicated to senior yoga; yoga has proven invaluable for maintaining flexibility in later life. This increased flexibility is a great way to reduce your risk of falls, as well as to curb serious injury when you do happen to take a spill.

Lots of Practice

Perhaps the key to reducing serious injury from an incidental fall is to actually practice taking a fall. It seems that many seniors are afraid of the floor, which can increase the likelihood of a tumble. It could be because they fear trying to get up from the floor or it could merely be an ingrained fear that they have been instilled with by others. The National Council on Aging estimates that falls are responsible for around 20 percent of hospital visits by those over age 65; practicing taking a fall to prevent serious injury seems to have potential at reducing these admissions.


Believe it or not, there is a technique to falling that can help you avoid an injury. A senior advocate endorses a tactic of bend, twist, and roll; when you feel yourself start to fall, make sure to bend your knees and twist at the waist toward the direction that you are falling. This involves turning your shoulders away from the direction of the fall; it does take some practice. This helps with where and how you take the brunt of impact during such incidents. Once you land, roll to also lessen some of the impact of the fall. Sound complicated? It is not; practice and you will see how much softer you can land when you take a spill.

Dutch Approach

The Dutch have an innovative approach to fall reduction, which is, in essence, an obstacle course for seniors. One particular course called Vallen Verleden Tijd, means ‘falling is in the past’ and is helping hundreds, perhaps thousands of seniors in the Netherlands reduce injuries associated with a fall. These courses are supervised and attended by occupational and physiotherapists across the nation to help reduce the number of seniors impacted by debilitating injuries sustained from a fall.

Mobility Aids

Never underestimate the assistance that even the simplest of mobility aids can provide in reducing the risk of a nasty slip and fall. From grab bars to ShowerBuddy systems, and canes to Bruno stairlifts, implementing these aids in everyday life can not only reduce the chance of a fall but preserve quality of life and independence also.

Did you know that around 40% of all nursing home admissions are due to a fall? Don’t become a statistic; make your living situation safer and reduce the risk of a fall today with these viable strategies.

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