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Technological Innovations in Accessibility

PMC  May 1, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

A disability is any physical, sensory, or cognitive impairment that makes daily activities more difficult. Many people are born with a disability. Others acquire a disability later in life, from an accident, an illness, or the aging process. Many older individuals are diagnosed with chronic conditions that lead to functional or cognitive disabilities.…

Making Your Multi-Story Home More Accessible

PMC  December 11, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

Seniors or individuals with mobility challenges may find living in a multi-story home difficult. Getting up and down stairs can be impossible for some, while potentially dangerous for others. And moving to a one story house or a senior living facility may not be an option for a variety of reasons.…

Different Types of Stair Lifts and Their Benefits

PMC  June 24, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner


For mobility challenged individuals who need a way to go up and down a flight of stairs in their homes, there are several different types of stair lifts available. The most recognizable type is the straight stair lift that attaches to the stair treads by way of a straight rail on which a chair can glide up and down.…

Pros and Cons of Stair Lift Installations

PMC  March 29, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

Chair lift

There’s no doubt that the technology of the modern stair lift has provided seniors, as well as other individuals with mobility challenges, more choices than were available to previous generations. And for the most part, the benefits of having a stair lift in one’s home outnumber their potential shortcomings.…

The Importance of Stair Lifts for Seniors

PMC  March 6, 2015    pmc  Jeff Conner

finazzo1According to a survey taken by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), nearly 90 percent of people over age 65, when asked, said that they would prefer to live in their homes as long as possible, and 80 percent of them believe that their current home is where they will, in fact, always live until they pass away.…

Going Up and Coming Down

PMC  December 29, 2014    pmc  Jeff Conner

A recent news article tells a touching story about an elderly mother and her only daughter. The older woman lives in a second floor apartment and the daughter, some miles away. Anna, the mom, is a frail Alzheimer’s patient who cannot navigate the stairs to come down to the ground floor.…

History of Stairlifts

PMC  March 22, 2011    pmc  Jeff Conner

Stairlifts, believe it or not, have a long history. The modern stairlift, which we are most used to seeing today, was developed by a Pennsylvanian engineer named C.C. Crispen. The idea was first formed when Crispen’s good friend was immobilized, and could no longer use stairs under his own power.…