aging How to Take Care of Your New Stair Lift for Years of Dependable Service

How to Take Care of Your New Stair Lift for Years of Dependable Service

PMC  November 14, 2017    pmc  Jeff Conner

Rely on the experts when it comes to questions related to how to take care of your new stair lift for years of dependable service, as well as to ensure user-satisfaction after installation of the device.

Once your mobility devices are installed, preserve performance and satisfaction with routine maintenance to keep your stair lift working smoothly and providing the assistance that you- or your loved one- needs and depends on. Don’t ever permit those that are not qualified to work on or make repairs to your device, as this can present serious safety risks to those utilizing the equipment in the home.

Some other ways to maintain and take care of your new stair life include the following:

Start with the power source

Never attempt to make repairs, adjustments, or maintenance on your stair life until after you disconnect from your power source. Unplug the lift carefully before proceeding and use caution when assessing damage or problems, preferably under the watchful eye of a mobility device professional. Make sure the charging device has been disabled by unplugging it from your electrical outlet first and foremost.

Re-check the device to ensure it is ‘off’

After you have unplugged the lift from the power source, make sure to turn off the breaker switch on the carriage of your stair lift. Depending on the type and style lift you are using, the location may vary so refer to your owner’s manual and defer adjustments to the vendor and their installation experts. Never assume that your lift is off and unplugged; always verify and confirm by manually checking the device independently.

Use gentle cleaning solutions

You will want to clean your lift and the mechanisms periodically to preserve functionality and prevent germs and bacteria transmission during use. Use a commercial spray cleaner recommended by the manufacturer or retailer of your lift, and some soft paper towels to clean the rail of your stair lift. You can also use this method to clean the copper strips on your device. It warrants repeating: always make sure that your battery charger has been unplugged and the circuit breaker has been turned off before you begin to clean your stair lift.

Keep an eye out for streaking

Keep a watchful eye out for signs of black streaking along the rail of your lift. Dust can build up and gather around greased mechanisms which creates this debris. Use a damp cloth with a household cleaner to wipe the rail clean, but don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the rail itself. Furniture polish wiped on the copper charge stripping can prevent squeaking and keep your lift running smoothly. Make sure to wipe the rail and stripping dry after cleaning to prevent problems, such as rusting.

Restore the power to your device

When you clean or make adjustments to your stair lift, it is integral to completely disconnect the device from any and all power sources. Once the maintenance has been performed, it is time to reconnect your device to the power source. First, plug the battery charger back into the electrical outlet; next, turn your circuit breaker switch on. The stairlift should now be clean and ready to go!

Keep your device well-maintained

Make sure to provide the very basic maintenance tasks warranted to ensure your stair lift provides you with many years of smooth and satisfying service. In addition to periodic cleanings, you should have your lift serviced- annually, for instance- by a certified technician, trained in the field of mobility aids and equipment. This is an excellent way to identify any issues early and address them before running the risk of malfunction, property damage, or safety hazard later.  These experts are also the way to approach moving or relocating a stair lift or updating and upgrading devices as needed or desired.

Ask the experts how to take care of your new stair lift for years of dependable service and satisfaction

Reach out to the experts when you are seeking advice regarding the care and maintenance of your mobility aids, including your stair lift. Professional installation ensures that you won’t experience performance issues after the sale, and will also shed some light on the operation and functionality of your device. Furthermore, your stairlift retail professional can be a great resource for troubleshooting or support if you encounter difficulties or have questions related to your mobility device.

Among all mobility aids available, stair lifts may be the most life-changing for those with physical impairments, limitations, or disabilities. These devices not only increase access, they can improve the overall quality of life for the thousands of consumers that rely on them daily. Make sure that your stairlift is working up to par, and prevent problems with some simple, yet important, maintenance. Keep your lift clean and debris-free, and watch for signs of streaking along the rail. Make sure that you arrange periodic service visits from a certified technician to diagnose and repair any potential issues before they become problems.

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