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Understand the Stair Lift Rail System Before You Purchase

PMC  March 5, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

Many seniors may be slightly intimidated by the prospect of installing a stair lift system in their home simply due to the unfamiliarity and technological aspect of the system. Understand the stairlift rail system before you purchase by asking your vendor to explain and demonstrate the unit; this will also point toward the best vendor in your region to invest your time and money with.

Does the thought of a stair lift scare you? Let us take the mystery out of the stair lift rail system and assure you that there is nothing to be worried or concerned about. Always ask your mobility vendor for professional installation to ensure the device runs smoothly, as well as to glean ample information, insight, and demonstration pertaining to operating your lift.

Got questions about installing a stair lift rail system in your home?

How Does It Work?

A stair lift is a moving seat that ascends and descends a stairway or steps in your home, using what is called a motorized rail system. The user sits in the chair, secures the safety-belt, and operates the lift using a pad and a button.  These devices make it possible for individuals with mobility limitations, issues, or disabilities to access areas of the home that may have been inaccessible previously. These aids are responsible for helping to maintain independence and permitting many to remain in their own home or living situation, despite these physical challenges.

How Will It Change Everyday Life?

The impacts that a lift can have on everyday life are astounding but remember: the overall reliability of your lift is key if it is to enhance and improve your quality of life. Don’t try to curb costs by buying a sub-par lift or one from a second-hand or private seller. Only buy stairlift rail systems from authorized vendors that provide warranties, guarantees, and service after the sale.

Who Should I Buy From?

Speaking of which, buy from reputable area retailers that offer both a comprehensive warranty and that have plenty of online reviews to establish a favorable reputation. These two factors should boost your confidence in the vendor, and also ensure that you are satisfied with both the equipment that you buy and the outcome of your sale.

How Much Will It Cost?

A stair lift typically will cost you money out of pocket, though some insurers and those with veteran benefits may find help defraying the costs. It is most practical to talk to the mobility vendor to learn about possible leasing arrangements or payment options to cover the cost of installing a stair lift in your home today. Many are willing to work with their consumers.

What Can I Expect?

You should expect to have your mobility vendor set up a convenient time for installation of your new stair lift system, and that they show up on time, efficiently and effectively installing your equipment. You should expect a demonstration and tutelage regarding proper operation of the lift; you should also glean some sort of contact information for support when you have questions or if you need service on your lift. These are not extraordinary demands: as a consumer, you deserve nothing less.

How Will It Impact Others?

Perhaps you are concerned about others who live or visit the home frequently and how a stair lift may impact normal access to areas near the lift;  don’t worry. These devices are designed to be sleek and non-intrusive around your home, where you and your loved ones should be most comfortable. Don’t let the fact that there are others, children, or pets in the home environment; this won’t affect your lift, your life, or their well-being at all.

What If I Don’t Like It?

You will like your lift- it will enhance access, autonomy, and freedom around your home. However, if you experience issues, change your mind, or need more support, reach out to your mobility aids vendor or retailer to find out what your options are and how to best address your distinct concerns. Your satisfaction is the most important thing. Always be wary of retailers that do not provide recourse for patrons that are simply not happy with the equipment or aids that they have purchased.

Do you understand stairlift rail systems a bit better now? Let us help you

Come see the mobility aids and experts at Pacific Mobility; we want to demonstrate, share, and explain our stair lift systems to you and show you that there is nothing to be concerned about. If you have limited access around your home, improve your quality of life with one of the amazing stairlift rail systems available. We are waiting to talk about this with you!