aging Which Vehicle Lift is Best for my Scooter or Wheelchair?

Which Vehicle Lift is Best for my Scooter or Wheelchair?

PMC  May 29, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

A wheelchair or scooter enhances access, but how will you navigate the often-tricky terrain of everyday life? Battle the obstacles with a mobility lift, but which vehicle lift is best for my scooter or wheelchair? Consider the variances that will pinpoint the best option for your needs.

When it comes to mobility devices, there are many things to consider before buying. Ease of use, installation, available features, and service provision can be factors that play into your purchase decision. Brand-names may be part of the equation, as satisfied customers remain a valuable testament when making your choice. While Bruno remains a benchmark of quality and reliance in the mobility aids realm, there are other viable brands that warrant a closer look. Talk to the mobility experts for more information and options.

So, the question is: Which vehicle lift is best for your scooter or wheelchair?

Often the answer to this question comes down to who you ask; however, there are some specific features and highlights of some popular lifts that could narrow the field and make the decision easier. This also helps to ensure you will be satisfied with your vehicle lift after the sale, with the reassurance of service and support later.

Some options in vehicle lifts include:

The convenient Curb-Sider

For effortless convenience, check out the Curb-Sider vehicle lift. Made with performance in mind, this device does the heavy lifting for you. This lift enables lifting and lowering near the side of your vehicle, with a telescopic head that clears your bumper; this lift stores itself, so you aren’t faced with additional obstacles. This device is lauded for its space-saving technology and optimal visibility when in use. This is an excellent choice for consumers with mini-vans, which makes it viable for a wide range of drivers.

The versatile Joey

With the touch of a button, the Joey lift will lift and store your scooter or chair inside a conventional-sized van for you. This model features a convenient platform that is textured for additional stability. Straps add to the safety features of this fully-powered, industry-tested device. The Joey is great for consumers that already have a vehicle that they want to adapt to their lift, without requiring extensive modifications or costs. It can also be uninstalled and reinstalled in the event you change vehicles.

The Outdoor Meridian

The Outdoor Meridian also features fully-powered, one-button technology, making it essentially effortless to lift and store your scooter or wheelchair when driving.

This particular model holds up to rough and rugged terrain and offers buyers a 100k lifespan, backed with an assurance that the lift holds up to extreme conditions and environmental factors. The accessibility platform folds up and into itself when not being used, and security belts heighten safety during operation. No modifications are needed for this lift, which is suited to your class II or class III hitch, which can be purchased and installed separately. Lighting features make the lift visible and safe in traffic.  The best vehicles for the outdoor Meridian include vans, Sports utility vehicles, pickups, and full-size, four-door cars.

The truck Out-Rider

If you miss driving your truck, isn’t it time to invest in an Out-rider truck lift? This fully-powered lift lifts and stores any type of wheelchair or scooter with ease, stowing it in the bed of your truck for you. You don’t even need a bed cover as the Out-Rider is made to hold up to harsh elements. These are easily removed and re-installed so it is an investment that will stand the test of time. The Out-Rider adapts to both the driver’s side or passenger side of the vehicle and is the best choice for a wide-range of pickup trucks.

Want even more options? 

Don’t forget: you have plenty of other lift options to augment your vehicle lift. For instance, porch lifts or freestanding equipment can make getting to your car or truck much more feasible and autonomous. The most pragmatic approach to transforming your life with mobility equipment is to first speak with a mobility aids merchant, with the expertise to assess your distinct needs and discuss your available options. This will prevent you from investing in devices that don’t really suit your home, lifestyle, or budget.

Aim for optimal accessibility

Remember that mobility aids are an investment – an investment into you and your loved one’s independence. For optimal accessibility options, have your needs evaluated by an expert in the field and only buy from qualified vendors. Make sure that installation, service, and support is involved before agreeing to make a purchase. Quality merchants will offer these provisions to the consumer.

Make sure that whatever lift you buy, you go with brand-new equipment that is sold and serviced by a mobility expert. Accessibility and autonomy are part of everyday life which makes mobility aids a prudent investment; talk to the professionals now for your thorough needs assessment.