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What to do with Mobility aids and Stairlifts when you no longer need them

PMC  September 10, 2019    pmc  Jeff Conner

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So, what to do with mobility aids and stairlifts when you no longer need them? Well, the answer depends on a few factors, including what it is, where you bought it, and how old it is. Consider also the many ways that you can recycle and repurpose your stairlifts and mobility aids; contact your mobility retailer to learn more.

What are you planning to do with your mobility aids and stairlifts when you no longer need them? Well, if you rent them, the answer is simple, but if you have invested money into buying a device, the decision may be a bit more complex. Talk to the mobility experts at Pacific Mobility in Southern California to learn more or to discuss your distinct options when it comes to relinquishing mobility aids, devices, and stairlifts.

Some ways that you may choose to give up your aids and lifts include these suggestions:

Sell Privately

The first way to give up your devices, and make some money in the process, is to sell privately via craigslist, Facebook marketplace, classified advertising, or similar online venue. It can put more money in your pocket when you get the device inspected and offer documents when selling to a private party to ensure the device has been serviced and maintained accordingly. Know that some of these sites attract scammers so always get your money up-front and meet in an occupied, public place.

Take Advantage of Buyback Programs

Did you buy your stairlift from us at Pacific Mobility? Yes, we do offer a stairlift buyback program for customers who have purchased their Bruno lifts from us. We don’t have to do this and a lot of the major competitors of ours do not do this at all. This provides an incentive that you have recourse when you no longer need your lift, which can be reassuring when making buying decisions. These lifts are then reconditioned and restored so that we can resell them at a reduced price with a solid warranty. Contact Pacific Mobility for further details regarding our stairlift buyback program.

Donate to Charity

Another viable option is to donate your device, equipment, or lift to charity. Local and state organizations are always looking for good used mobility equipment, and often-times, they will pick up and deliver. You can choose whichever charitable organization speaks to you, including Wounded Warriors, ALS Association, Cancer Society, or Alzheimer’s Association. You could also choose a local shelter, nursing home, or thrift store.  Unfortunately, a lot of equipment is customized to a specific person or home environment which makes it difficult to transfer and use without modifications or repair. Remember that when you donate your devices, request a receipt from whoever accepts it; this can be used for a tax deduction later.

Donate to an Individual

Not everyone can afford to donate their equipment to someone else in need, but it sure is nice when you can. Want the 4-1-1 on someone in need of a lift or other device that can’t afford one? Consider reaching out to an area agency on aging, hospice, or skilled nursing facility to find out more.

Recycle the Battery

Unfortunately, it costs money to recycle or dispose of a battery, and most mobility aids operate on batteries. Buy your lift from us and we offer consumers a nice perk: If you bought a battery from Pacific Mobility, we will take the old battery and recycle it for free. We charge no additional cost added to the purchase price for recycle or disposal fees. This is simply another way to get the most out of your old device with as much convenience as possible.

If the device is damaged or outdated, you may be able to recycle parts of it, like the metal track, to decrease your carbon footprint. Talk to a mobility vendor to find out if this makes the most sense for your equipment.

Trade It In

What about a trade-in on another device? Are you stepping down in terms of your assistance needs? Could you use a bit more support? Call your mobility professional to learn more about trading in your gently used or second-hand mobility equipment for a down payment on something new, upgraded, or different. These refurbished aids get a good once-over before hitting the sales floor or potentially being used as a short-term rental device for those in need. Talk to the vendor that you purchased your mobility device or stairlift from to find out if they endorse and sponsor such a program as well as what the specific guidelines may be.

Ready to relinquish a stairlift or mobility aids? Talk to the industry insiders at Pacific Mobility; they offer quality mobility equipment with varied terms and arrangements. Consider these options when you are getting ready to rid yourself of mobility devices and call us to learn more!