aging Wondering What Goes Into Our Recommendations?

Wondering What Goes Into Our Recommendations?

PMC  February 27, 2018    pmc  Jeff Conner

Prospective mobility product buyers may wonder what goes into our recommendations viewed online. Customers laud the assessment, installation, service and support of our mobility aids, as well as the quality of the merchandise sold.

Investing in mobility devices should not be entered into lightly, and many retailers have garnered a reputation based on the sales, service, and support provided among the consumer audience. Pacific Mobility has taken great care to establish themselves and enhance the overall customer buying experience, which is reflected in the online reviews and recommendations found. Be an informed buyer and do your homework in terms of reviewing online feedback to measure the satisfaction of previous consumers. This will tease-out reputable vendors and lead to longer-term satisfaction with your mobility device or equipment.

Wondering what goes into our recommendations from satisfied customers?

Have you read any of our online reviews or recommendations? While we don’t want to brag, they are definitely worth a read for anyone contemplating how mobility devices can change their lives. Pacific Mobility takes great pride in the scores of satisfied customers, as well as in the fact that these mobility solutions enhance life quality for the many consumers using them daily. Don’t take our word for it; check out the online feedback for yourself!

Some of the things that customers love about us are:

The Assessment

Anytime you plan on buying something such as medical devices and mobility aids, plan to go through an assessment process. This is something that helps potential patrons pin-point the precise solution to best suit their needs, living arrangements, and budget. Skipping a comprehensive assessment could result in ill-suited purchases, unnecessary expenses, and long-term dissatisfaction. Customers laud this as an insightful, eye-opening part of the process.

The Installation

Professional installation is the only way to go, and Pacific Mobility receives rave reviews for their skillful installation and courteous technicians. When you opt for equipment that is not professionally installed, you run the risk of malfunction, property damage, and even potential personal injury; err on the side of caution and only purchase mobility devices that come with professional installation, reinstallation, or uninstallation service provisions. Furthermore, make sure that the company you work with receives high marks for their installation process, time-frame, and courtesy before making purchase decisions.

Product Quality

All the assessments in the world and the very best installation means nothing if the product quality is not up to par; Pacific Mobility prides itself on offering customers the best in mobility aids and equipment on the market today. Top-named brands include Bruno, a benchmark of quality in the industry. Customers tout the longevity and dependability of Bruno, making it a popular choice among those buying lifts. Not sure about a Bruno? Talk to our knowledgeable team about rentals to determine the distinctions and differences for yourself.

The Service

Something else often noted in the recommendations and reviews is the reliable service of mobility equipment. When something goes wrong, you want assistance fast- and Pacific Mobility customers know that their needs will be met efficiently and effectively. No one wants to plan on a problem, but it is nice to know that should one arise, help is on the way. Fast and friendly service is something you will see time and time again in our recommendations and online reviews, and customers deserve nothing less.

Ease Of Working With Us

Another thing noted by customers is the ease of reviewing and buying mobility equipment. It should not be a complicated or time-consuming endeavor, though it is an important decision that should be made with information and insight. Let the vendor do the work- from scheduling to installing- and don’t let it interrupt your daily life. From the buyer’s perspective, it should be fairly easy.

Furthermore, note the ease and user-friendliness of the website. If the vendor website doesn’t provide you with accurate contact information, easy-to-follow tabs, and simple layouts, move on. Being able to access and navigate the vendor’s website is something else that should play into the choices that you make.

Our Support

Many vendors are excited to sell equipment, but then disappear, not providing support after the sale. Our customers know that if the customer isn’t happy, Pacific Mobility isn’t happy either. Support is available for questions, queries, or information online all the time, so you are never left waiting around. This fast response has garnered positive reviews and attention, as it provides a peace of mind that other retailers simply don’t offer. Once you buy something from us, you will never have to go it alone- and our recommendations reflect this.

Speak With the Experts Today

Pacific Mobility recognizes that each client has unique mobility needs, and they have made it their business to assess and assist hundreds of clients over the years. Each situation provides a new experience and valuable insight into the industry, providing their clients with the best mobility solutions for their distinct living situations. Before you invest in mobility aids, you owe it to yourself- and those you love- to only work with reputable professionals that come highly-recommended by their patrons.

President, Husband, Father, Grandfather Graduate of UC Davis- Bio Sci Major- Go Aggies! Jeff has extensive experience in all of Pacific Mobility’s products and services, and specializes in accessibility products as well as stair lifts, ceiling lifts and custom wheel chairs. His hobbies include spending time with family, gardening, mountain biking, exercising and off road motorcycle riding.

  • 24 years as Owner/President of Pacific Mobility Center – selling, installing, and servicing stairlifts, porch lifts, ceiling lifts, pool lifts, handicap ramping, specialty wheelchairs, scooters, power wheel chairs, and other power mobility devices
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