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Curved Stairlift

A curved stairlift is known by many to require a larger investment –both of time and money– than straight-rail models, but this shouldn’t prevent anyone in need of a curved lift to seriously consider a purchase. Rather than remodeling a home to patch mobility problems or allow for a straight lift or other system, homeowners can keep their stairs intact and enjoy all the benefits of a modern lift for less money than might be expected. With the funds saved by taking advantage of a curved stairlift rather than resorting to more expensive options, curved stairlift owners are bound to find that commissioning a custom lift system is the best way to enjoy long-term comfort.

Advances in the design and production of accessibility equipment are helping people live more comfortably and sensibly at home, and the home stairlift is an excellent example of how technology can influence not only safety, but independence and personal style, as well. Modern stairlifts are able to provide a convenient solutions for moving about the house, and the range of available options means nearly any home design can accept a custom-built stairlift system. Multiple-story staircases and those with complex layouts typically require a curved stairlift, a product which demonstrates the impressive possibilities of today’s lift engineering.

All stairlift purchases and installations require the establishment of a relationship between dealer and buyer, but when curved models are involved, that relationship is often an even more important component of overall success. Friendly, experienced dealers like Pacific Mobility Center, Inc. in San Marcos are able to assess the needs of curved staircase owners to create custom orders that reflect individual style and preferences while also benefiting from the very best in today’s technology. After a few weeks, buyers can expect to have a perfectly fitted, hassle-free curved stairlift delivered and installed in their home, ready to improve accessibility without detracting from interior decor or blowing the household budget. With a customized curved stairlift, getting around at home is easier and more affordable than ever before, and a welcoming house is possible to achieve without a major remodeling job.