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Outdoor Stairlifts

As the world becomes increasingly aware of the advantages of accessibility, mobility solutions and technologies themselves are improving and expanding. With the assistance of modern equipment, many previously unreachable homes, businesses, and public venues are becoming open and are now truly able to serve those with handicaps. Many of today’s specialized lifts are found indoors, but the popularity of outdoor lifts is on the rise, making everything from backyard decks to parks and recreation areas easier to navigate. An outdoor stairlift can afford many unique possibilities, but it also comes with certain unique requirements, each of which should be addressed in order to keep lifts safe and serviceable.

How often an outdoor stairlift will be used can be an important factor when considering what to purchase. High-usage stairlifts may require extra attention to rail systems and other components. An outdoor lift is likely to work well with a platform style, allowing those in wheelchairs as well as people in need of a little extra help to move between different levels with ease. For certain types of private use, however, buyers may wish to purchase a permanent seat-style stairlift instead.

Exposure to the elements is among the chief concerns for anyone interested in using and maintaining an outdoor stairlift. Preventing rust and the buildup of debris is important for smooth-functioning stairlifts, and while many manufacturers craft outdoor models from suitable materials with this in mind, taking extra steps to address wear is a good idea. Owners may wish to invest in special seat coverings or waterproofing treatments to help outdoor stairlifts stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Thanks to the versatility and wide availability of the outdoor stairlift, it’s easier than ever to make any area easily accessible and open to use by everyone. Outdoor stairlift dealers like Pacific Mobility Center Inc. in San Marcos help make ordering and maintaining lifts easier, and protecting a lift investment with proper service and a system selection that matches particular requirements is sure to make mobility manageable. Stairs don’t have to prevent the handicapped from enjoying the outdoors. Today’s lifts make even the steepest grades easy to navigate for all.