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Stairlift Maintenance

Bruno Stairlift maintenance is very simple and only takes about 10 minutes. (This is a set of general guidelines and meant to assist customer keeping equipment in good working order).

  1. Unplug stairlift battery charger from wall outlet.
  2. Turn Off the Breaker switch on the carriage.
  3. Inspect for black streaks on rail. This could be either dust that has built up on the rail, or dust has accumulated on the grease and dropped on the rail. Spray cleaner (409 or diluted Simple Green) on a paper towel and wipe rail until clean. Don’t spray directly on the rail. Once rail is clean, wipe rail and continuous copper charge strip on the back of the track with Pledge to clean help keep equipment running smoothly and eliminate squeaks.
    1. Inspect for black streaks on the rail as shown here.
    2. Spray cleaner on paper towel and clean the rail.
    3. The following household cleaners work well for cleaning the rail.
    4. Wipe the rail and copper strips with pledge as shown here. Make sure battery charger is unplugged and circuit breaker is OFF.

  4. After Completion of cleaning rail and wiping rail and copper strips with pledge, plug the battery charger back into the wall outlet, then turn the circuit breaker switch to the on position. Your stairlift is now ready to use. Please give us a call if we can assist you further.
  5. Maintenance- your stairlift will provide you with many years of great service. However it is like any piece of equipment you use regularly. Similar to a car or home furnace, these items do need some regular care in order to provide you with smooth, safe, and dependable use. A regular servicing by a trained, certified technician is a great way to assure your stairlift will last you for many years to come. Please call our service department is you any questions or would like to schedule a servicing. PH# 760 471 8884